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Happy Friday! It’s been a nice, short week for me, Aron and I celebrated 15 years of marriage with a couple of nights in Calistoga at the start of it! Today we celebrate my mother’s birthday and tomorrow we head into Marin for a friend’s birthday hike. Lots to celebrate!

We’re also almost entirely moved back in after re-doing our floors. I’m debating how many of my books to put back on my bookcase—a question I posed on InstaStories. I think I’ve asked before about people’s proclivity to hold onto or let go of books and it definitely felt like there were more in the let-them-go camp this time! Where do you stand? Especially with regards to those formative “school classics” like the Jane Eyres and Judith Butlers.

Related, our pantry is done and I’m trying to take my time on that, too! I finally ordered some of those minimalist labels for all of our spices and jars (like these and these) and they’re making me so happy!

The countdown is on for the last days of school. 15 more days, I believe? Hoping no one gets sick in that time as we have flights booked to Barcelona for as soon as school is out! (Related: Any cities in Catalunya with not-to-miss Corpus Christi celebrations on the 16th?)

Have a great weekend! A few links of note… 

A tribute to the 10 people killed in the racially-motivated massacre in Buffalo, New York. May their families find peace one day.

An explainer on the baby-formula crisis. (Also, on 90% of house republicans voting against an emergency spending bill meant to address it.)

And a formula exchange website.

Equal pay for the men’s and women’s U.S. Soccer teams!

Hudson and his friends asked about going to see the new Top Gun (which got a great review). (Hmmm… Does it matter if they haven’t seen the first one yet? And what if I wanted to be the one to take him? New almost-tween problems.)

I was supposed to wait for Aron to start the new season of Better Things, but I couldn’t any longer. I wanted to listen to the accompanying podcast!

Madewell sale just started and everything is 25% off with code LONGWEEKEND! Of note: there’s a white dress on there that looks a lot like the one I wore all summer on a trip to Italy and got the most questions about… just about ever (pictured up top).

Also admiring: This seersucker puffed sleeve dress (as a sucker for puffed sleeves); a fresh, white basic tank; some woven leather slides; a new cropped rash guard (I bought one by this brand with only 10% spandex and it has been my favorite yet—but this one looks good, too); and their midi skirts. That said, I’m on the hunt for a chambray one and I didn’t spot one there. Will keep looking! (Wish this one came in my size.)

Can’t wait to listen to Molly Shannon read her new book.

Lots of great links in Design*Mom’s newsletter this week.

Our anniversary this year was shared with a very sad milestone: “One million American lives lost to COVID-19. One million empty chairs around the dinner table.” Ending this week with the most beautiful little boy’s voice singing “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.”

[Photo from this Rome Travelogue]




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