Happy New Year! (& Weekly Digest)

Happy New Year! I saw a meme featuring Larry David saying that you’re only allowed to wish people that up to January 7, so I’m making it in just under the wire!

We greeted the new year with friends (kids, too) at a long table playing truth or lie and Cards Against Humanity. Afterward, on my “more” list for this year, I added “dinner parties”—they’re so much fun.

In my “less” list column, I put “scrolling,” which prompted lots of questions from the kids. “What’s scrolling?” The problem is that now they point out to me whenever they see me doing it. No one holds you accountable quite like they do!

Nonetheless, I’ve still been guilty and so (voila!) a brief list of links… 

Have you been enjoying the ‘theater’ in congress? @ColorMeLoverly had an especially great send up of it.

Spare is coming out soon. I’ll probably get the audible version to hear Harry (Harold? H? Haz?) read it aloud. But oh the excerpts leaking so far. Yikes. Will you be reading it?

Robert E. Lee’s statue will be replaced by a teen who fought segregation.

The famous Alex Mill jumpsuit is on sale!

Love Michelle Williams even more after seeing her give a shout to her breast pump in this article.

Lovely advice in this comment thread.

This trend (trend?) of people telling family their favorite celebrity has died is terrible! But also… it’s hard to look away. (If you enjoyed Muriel’s Wedding like I did, maybe imagine “terrible” as in the vein of “You’re terrible, Muriel”?)

I took Skyler to see Frozen, the Musical (thank you to her grandma Chris for the tickets!) and it was wonderful! Here are the National Tour dates if you have an Elsa fan like I do.

Favorite treat lately: Making this homemade magic shell and putting it over greek yogurt with a sprinkle of sea salt. Yummm!

What are you watching lately? We just finished the first season of Slow Horses on Apple and really enjoyed it! And I showed the kids Sleepless in Seattle and it was a delightful, rainy day activity. Oh, and I’m still listening to the White Lotus 2 music, even if I’m done with the season. So good. (Aron and I both sent each other this IG post about it.)

Have a great weekend!

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