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I finally made through the final gauntlet of summer-camp-sign-ups! Phew. Our summer plans are in place. Granted, we’re on hold to see whether we have to have baseball playoffs and be put in the awful position of making our kid choose team vs trip. (Why can’t they set the schedule yet?! And why do we need playoffs if we’ve played every other team three times already?! Questions nobody can answer.) One of the plans we’ve settled on is a road trip to Southern California with a stop on Catalina island to do some camping! The kids are pretty psyched to hike to a beach to set up a tent. I did the trans-island trail once in high school and I’m looking forward to seeing it again. I’m also excited to stick to the 101 when heading south! We’re going to stop in Ojai, too—I’ve never been!

Are you making any plans? Is anyone going to go to Europe now that they’re opening to vaccinated travelers? (I wish!) Our friends are on a Sabbatical in Spain and we’ve been chatting about Barcelona this week.

Have a good one! Some links…

The Israel-Gaza ceasefire today seems to be holding, “bringing an end to 11 days of fighting.”

Colbert tries to bring some levity on the GOP who “don’t want to find out why they were almost murdered, because it could hurt them politically.”

Princes William And Harry Say BBC Interview Led To Princess Diana’s Divorce And Death

Made me think ‘But the BBC never messes up! Or do they?’ (An oldie but a goodie.)

Fascinating—American generations.

(But hey, where’s my generation in this list?)

Speaking of which, I just showed the kids A-Ha’s “Take On Me” video and it holds up!

Rest in peace, Bo.

Spent the evening with a lovely group of women last night and the Halston story on Netflix came up multiple times. In my queue now.

If you have “lost” your commute during this time, how do you feel about it? Really interesting to read through these replies. (Via

Related, which parts of quarantine do you want to keep?

Love what Liz created with The Huddle. What a great opportunity this would be!

The most packable “pocket” blanket for picnics.

Ilia is on sale this weekend!

I wish I were going to the WCC market on Saturday.

I love the Hilton Carter collection at Target. I’m always looking for good planters.

Revisiting this list of Etsy shops for rugs.

This dog is amazing.


A father’s day gift guide I stand by. (Find them all, here.)

P.S. If you’re looking for local travel tips, be sure to check the 5 Things archives! (Here’s are two great ones on Newport, Rhode Island and Savannah, Georgia)

[Photo from our Puglia, the Salento, travelogue]

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