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We’re heading into a baseball-heavy weekend—games Saturday and Sunday, just off a real nail-biter last night. Hudson pitched the last inning and I was literally wringing my hands. But he ended up closing the game by making all three outs and having his name chanted by his team. He was SO happy. It fit well with the theme of the week, which is a lot of personal celebrating: Aron and I celebrated 14 years of marriage on Wednesday and have a little overnight planned for this coming Monday. And of course there was Mother’s Day and both of my parents have birthdays. I remember this week last year, with all of its cancellations and postponements, feeling so different. I’m glad it feels so.

Have a lovely weekend! Some links of note…

A really helpful video from the BBC on why the situation between Israel and Palestinians has escalated so quickly this week.

And the United Nations Human Rights’ statement condemning the violence.

The FDA authorized the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for kids age 12 to 15 years old. Such great news!

Federal health officials on Thursday advised Americans who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus that they could stop wearing masks or maintaining social distance in most settings.

On the other hand, there are plenty of exceptions. (Also, this.)

“What do I want ‘normal’ to look like?” (Reminds me of the More/Less lists one might make on New Year’s Eve—like the one on our 2019 holiday recap)

Emily Post on re-socializing post-pandemic: “A few topics should be avoided: How you think you’ve developed acid reflux.”

Absolutely floored by these Tik Tok hair videos.

I’m not sure I agree at all with the ordering, but this list of the 100 best sitcoms is still full of inspiration.

On my to-try recipe list.

I’m so relieved to see any positive reviews coming out for Barry Jenkins’ adaptation of The Underground Railroad. That book was incredible and I can’t imagine bringing it to screen.

Could I BE any more eager to watch this?!

Love Rose Byrne on the cover of Shape. Her crochet dress is $3000. But I love this idea. Here are some items for similar effect, like this and this.

Found! For fellow ultra-thin-Uni-Ball fans.

If you, like me, want SPF in everything now. (P.S. This Elta tinted sunscreen is as good as you’d all told me for years in the comments section of posts on sunscreen. The untinted blends perfectly, too—no white residue—if you don’t like getting the tint on face masks.)

What a beautiful vase!

The dress we all seem to be buying at Target right now.

Hearing great things about this direct-to-consumer brand, Material. I’m especially interested in their shears.

Love this mama gorilla story.

[Photo from Mother’s Day. I got a lot of nice questions about my jeans and shirt. The jeans are from Madewell, in Classic straight with a high waist, and the shirt is from Sézane (I’m pretty sure it’s the Guillemette fit, but here’s a similar white one). Thanks!]

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