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How’s everyone doing? We’re still trying to wrap our heads around the news that we’re not going back to school… (even if we knew it was coming). Our kids were in a full-immersion Spanish school, so we’re wondering how we can possibly replicate that experience at home. On the other hand, Hudson has been doing a virtual Robotics camp this past week and he loved it—and it was helpful to see how engaged he can be on camera when the subject is exciting. Next week, Skyler is going to do a little ballet camp online for a couple of hours a day, so we’ll see how that compares.

Last week, we all went to Lake Tahoe for vacation—such a nice change of scene—and celebrated Hudson’s ninth birthday. I posted photos on Instagram, if you’d like to see.

Have a great weekend! Some links… 

Tatsuya Tanaka’s Miniature Calendar is incredible! He’s been adding to it since 2011.

Have you caught a view of the Comet Neowise? It’s closest to Earth today. We showed our kids the old Bill Nye episode on Comets and Meteors beforehand and I think it helped their enthusiasm. Though we aren’t sure if the late night was really worth it in the end.

And speaking of Bill Nye—his explanation of skin color in 60 seconds is terrific.

Ocasio-Cortez responded to Republican Representative Ted Yoho’s remarks and his non-apology in a short speech before the House. “but what I do have issue with is using women, our wives and daughters, as shields and excuses for poor behavior.” It’s nine minutes and it’s really worth watching. (Transcript is available here.)

That he is “so manifestly, obviously unfit for office may be one of the most striking aspects of his Presidency, but it is one of the hardest things for journalists to write about—or would be, except that he himself keeps bringing it up.

This gel may be one of the things I’m most grateful for lately.

Elizabeth Warren’s Must-Do list for the Pandemic

The Daily on the situation in Portland

Nice White Parents

but i’m the good guy so i play it in the Major key

How Caregiving Became More Than Just a Women’s Issue

Just in case you need to be alerted to the genius of Sarah Cooper. I saw a Washington Post interview with her the other day on IG live and I like her even more, now.

I love this kind of post and am looking forward to reading through the replies one day soon to crib some ideas!

Enjoying the new Haim album lately.

Summer items at Madewell are all on sale 30-50% off. (Like cute swimsuits.)

Short film called Numb captures the feelings of a young girl doing distance learning.

Love this mask adaptation. Hope it’s reaches production. Via Swissmiss.

Dreamy backyard sheds.

A summer favorite here, too. Nothing beats fresh pesto.

Have you listened to Taylor Swift’s new album yet? It was a surprise!

We’re watching Babylon Berlin (set in 1929 Berlin) right now and loving it!

I’m looking for a new indoor tree. Any favorites?

[Image by Tatsuya Tanaka]


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