Summer’s Sunflowers (& Friday Links)

The sunflower fields are blooming (and just starting to fade) all around the edges of town. It’s a beautiful scene that always reminds me of a summer spent in France—riding trains and looking out the window as the view would alternate shades of gold, depending on whether we were passing flowers or fields of rolled hay. Now I can’t believe that they’re practically in our backyard. I’ve included a few older, but still favorite, photos from when the kids were younger, below.

Fun fact? A UC Davis professor taught us how sunflowers follow the sun. Another fun fact? According the the National Sunflower Association, most sunflowers are grown in the Dakotas but 95% of the seeds for all sunflower farms come from California—specially the Sacramento Valley. In terms of acreage, it’s the number-one seed crop in the state.

Some other links of note…

Love Island is a hit in Britain—but not in the U.S. Why?

Drowning-deaths spike between the ages of 1 to 4 years old… and from 15 to 19.“I would encourage parents to believe that their water safety job is not over when children learn to swim.”

Classic Cabana beach towels—and not too thick for packing a bunch.

Such a fun getaway. Three sisters in SF with their mom.

I need a better way to remember if I want to bring my own straws. Maybe this?

Opening day in Disneyland in 1955.

Advice for sibling battles. Be a sportscaster, not a referee.

Trevor Noah and parroting on Fox.  Ugh.

My friend (and 7500+ reviewers) swears that this Vitamin C Serum is just as good as the much-beloved Drunk Elephant serum, for a fraction of the price. Any other favorite dupes?

The Sony Walkman is 40. (40!) [Cue Julia Roberts, bubble bath, and Prince. Anyone else?]

Tracking tagged sharks. Safe surfing…

This is really troubling.

As is this.

For something that’s becoming less troubling… This is an old article, but Aron was just reading it to me and it’s fascinating! Quicksand was everywhere when I was a kid! The rise and fall of quicksand.


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