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Last weekend before Christmas! (But how?) I’m getting ready to pick up the kids from school and make a fun afternoon before our babysitter swoops in for Aron and I to get dressed up and go to a holiday party! I’ve got presents ill-hidden to wrap and a laundry pile to hide. Our family (Aron’s sister, brother-in-law, and our nephews) are flying in from Germany and there will be early-morning frosting of cookies and a Nutcracker matinee before the weekend is over. We also get to sing with friends at their annual harp-and-beer party—started quite simply because our friend played the harp and the rest of us are happy to, well, drink beer. But it has grown over the years, as many children now also decorate gingerbread houses and join in for carols.

Finally, my parents (pictured with me, below) celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary yesterday. I’ve never really talked about my mom’s health on here, but she’s had a rough go these past couple of years since a brain surgery, and the way their relationship has had to evolve is a real testament to what true, enduring love looks like. Happy anniversary, mom and dad! And best wishes on this 50th year!

On to the link list… 

This may be the most life-changing of the things I’ve seen this week—as it will definitely impact me tremendously in days to come very soon.

Though this is, of course, the biggest news: Trump is impeached.

(And, notably, Christianity Today wrote a response.)

We are all carrying spies around with us. All day.

Just watched a charming old interview between Letterman and Gerwig (Frances Ha era), in advance of Little Women‘s release. Our local public radio referenced it—everyone’s excited for the hometown girl!

Kim Hill’s interview about quitting The Black Eyed Peas just before they blew up is so compelling.

One of the Into the Gloss (Glossier) editors just wrote the most compelling promo for this foundation: ” like the best tinted moisturizer you’ll ever try. Well, except that it doesn’t exactly moisturize, it’s just sheer, OK? It does to my face what Essie’s Ballet Slippers does to nails—smooths things over, doesn’t distract, looks like I’m wearing nothing at all.” Wow! Which kind of makes me want to switch from my favorite… ironically… Glossier.

(You’ll recall it used to be Becca but they changed the formula when the brand was sold and this is the closet thing I’d found.)

In other related news, I’ll have a post about those curling iron recs and some other things I’ve tried (from IG suggestions) after the weekend. This one is really wild! (I might kind of love it. Here’s a video of someone using it.)

Cute sweater!

Alternatively, define a waist with the fake tuck.

I wonder if my kids would like this Watercolor for Kids class?

Hudson has been attending some Origami club meetings at the local library, so I asked the members (mostly 50-60 year-olds) for a book pick for Christmas. He’s getting their top rec: Matthew Gardiner’s spiral-bound Everything Origami.

That Netflix-Twitter thread last week? Interesting to think of in light of how Netflix is losing subscribers to Disney+.

The (mis)education of the American boy.

Disturbing and heartbreaking and terrifying—online predation.

Decade in review? “What explains this dramatic shift in American elections, where the wealthiest Americans get to have even greater influence over who is elected and what policies elected officials pursue? The Supreme Court’s 2010 opinion, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.”

Okay, here’s a more fun decade-in-review. 

And my winter Pinterest board and Christmas Pinterest board.

Finally some suggestions for last-minute shopping spots:

Shopbop’s Gift section is a go-to. Today is the last-day for their 2-day shipping (free shipping and returns)—and they’re having a huge sitewide sale.

Zappos also still has before-Christmas shipping. (Lots of sale items, of course, but took note of the Madewell items that will also arrive quickly, like this bag.)

Apple offers pre-holiday delivery. Think accessories–like Ipad sleeves, watch bands, earbuds, or a wireless keyboard for travel.

Sephora offers expedited shipping if you spend over $75. I’d pick a Drunk Elephant shelfie kit. But it’s their $10 kits that, broken apart, make for great stocking stuffers!

Use the same-day-pickup at Target. I’d head straight to a great board game if you’re stumped.

Or, run into your local bookstore!

[Photo from this post on dinner-and-a-movie parties.]

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