Desert Isle Beauty Pick

A while back, there was a post on Momfilter asking after people’s desert isle beauty picks. Now of course I wouldn’t really be silly enough to put on makeup if I were deserted on an island, but mine would be this Becca Cosmetics Luminous Skin Color. I’m obsessed with it and always buy two at a time. I was so afraid that they were going to stop making it when my local Nordstrom stopped carrying it, that I briefly flirted with switching to the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer everyone loves so much, but it seemed heavier and less easy to make disappear into my skin. It’s so light and it really doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup when I put it on, yet my skin just looks better and more even.

What’s your desert isle pick?

Pictured color: Cashmere. There are of course lots of shades, I just happen to like the Cashmere myself and find it works for me in summer or winter so I gather the colors have some range.

P.S. The harsh reality of looking at your skin next to your baby’s.


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