20 Back-to-school backpacks for kids


Hudson starts Kindergarten very soon—I still can’t believe it!—and it only seems fitting to send him off with a brave face (me) and new backpack (him). So I did some searching last night and I’m going to present him with some of these options tomorrow.

I don’t think he’ll need to put much in it—his day is only about three hours long, and doesn’t even include lunch! So the sizes tend to be most appropriate for the younger set.

Here are 20 that I think may make your little one smile—and hopefully you as well, even as they are walking away. Sniff.

1. Fjällräven Kånken Mini—probably my personal favorite. Such good, practical Swedish design: even the logo doubles as a reflector.
2. Pop Art Backpack—according to Hudson, white is a grown-ups color. More color, please.
3. 3D Shark Backpack
4. Robot Backpack in Linen—this line of packs are perfect for the minimalist.
5. Owl Backpack—love all the pockets on this one!
6. Hand-stamped Flamingo Backpack
7. Foldable Backpack—Hudson has this. I imagine adding patches to it one day. It’s great for travel because it folds up into itself when not in use.
8. Space Backpack
9. Meadow Rucksack—I’d like just about anything in this print. Isn’t it pretty?
10. Cat Backpack
11. Ocean Playpack—you can get matching lunch accessories for this brand.
12. Settlement Backpack—pricey for kids, but I’d use it myself.
13. Heritage Backpack in Navy
14. Canvas Backpack—another I’d love to see decorated with patches or pins!
15. Teacher’s Pet Backpack
16. Hedgehog Playpack—another favorite print, designed in California!
17. Tulle Backpack
18. Mokuyobi Threads Backpack—those retro colors and the patches!
19. Heritage Backpack in Black—space themed!
20. Dinomite Dinosaur Pack ‘n Snack

I can’t recall much about the backpacks I carried to school as a child, can you? The only one that stands out is an Esprit tote I think I begged my parents to buy—around the same time I was scrunching two pairs of socks around my ankles and wearing white Keds. Anyone else here do that?

P.S. The secret to getting your kids to school on time?


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