Happy Thanksgiving! Some last minute tips (& weekend sales picks)

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating today! Every year, when reflecting on all the things for which I am grateful, I count the community of readers—many of you who’ve I’ve come to know by comment handles and Instagram icons over years of engagement—top on my list. The sense that I’m writing to friends is what has made this something so special for over a decade, and what keeps me looking forward to it. Thank you!

We’ve found ourselves in snowy Lake Tahoe this year. Snowstorms wreaked havoc on the roads and on some of our family’s plans, so it will be a quiet holiday—we will miss our family at the dinner table. But we are thankful that everyone is safe and healthy and that we will see them back in Davis when we return. In the meantime, it sure is pretty up here! The flocked trees and quiet roads were a nice surprise!

Even though we won’t be at a large gathering, I’ve pulled together some last-minute suggestions for those of you who will be! (And some sale picks for everyone else.)

A few years back, Bon Appétit published a list of Thanksgiving advice, culled from their editors. Here are few of my favorites. Do you agree? What would you add?

“Never take the last roll unless you’re under ten or over 65.”

“Children are about two-thirds the size of an adult, so they should have to stay at the table only two-thirds as long as the adults do.”

“Make a toast about what you’re thankful for. And make your kids give one too.”

And from some other lists:

“‘Anyone who didn’t cook is invited to clear the table’ is the way to do it.”

“Destroy Your Family Fair and Square. Charades, gin rummy, touch football, Scrabble, Scattergories, soccer… There’s nothing like some good old-fashioned competitiveness to stimulate the appetite.”

“Talk to the old folks. It’s gonna be you some day if you’re lucky.”

“Send everyone home with leftovers.”

Of course, Sam Sifton literally wrote the book, Thanksgiving. A key piece of his advice? “Keep drinks flowing. Start serving drinks the minutes your guests arrive, no matter the hour. Thanksgiving is not a time to judge.”

Sidenote: I would batch-make these Negroni Sbagliatti if I were in charge.

If a cocktail seems too much, don’t fret. “There’s no better way to greet your friends than with a glass of bubbles,” was a tip I once got from a former French Laundry sommelier. (Here’s all of his advice for choosing wine.)

And finally, and perhaps most importantly—another Sifton tip: “If you’re lucky enough to have someone else hosting, be sure to note how much work it is and say thank you.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. SALES below. And last year’s guide to Thanksgiving, including things like lists of movies to watch with your family over the holiday.

As a blogger, I get sent all sorts of announcements from stores and brands, so while there are too many to list, these are the ones I usually like watching. Tip: Pre-load a cart if you’re shopping early, but most have already started…

ABERCROMBIE & FITCH: 50% off site-wide starting Thursday. Abercrombie is sort of a hidden gem. It skews much younger than me, but I always find good stuff (like this fleece). Good kids’ denim, too.

ANN TAYLOR: 50% off everything online and in-store with code BLACKFRIDAY (Cashmere sweaters, gifts for mom… classic. And I confess: I may wishlist these PJs.)

ANTHROPOLOGIE: Extra 25% off sale items (It’s so hard not to shop for myself at this one—Jumpsuit!—but the home sale is such a great place to pick up small items for others.)

BAGGU: 15% off everything (or up to 30% off if you spend $100). I got myself one of their leather items last year. Good time to stock up on or gift 3D zip sets for traveling.

BITTE: 20% off site wide with code BLACKFRIDAY19. For the babies!

CLARE V.: In the past, they’ve had a good Black Friday deal and an even better Cyber Monday. Here’s their cute gift guide. One day for me, a fannypack. Also love the jewelry collection.

J.CREW: 40% off with code WHYWAIT (More for rewards members). Both J.Crew and J.Crew Factory are favorites for mens’ gifts.

J.CREW FACTORY: 60% Off (What?!) with YAYDEALS. You probably already can picture what you like here. (And if that happens to involve anything plaid or tartan, this is the time to snap it up.) Also, union suits.

LEVIS: 40% Off Sitewide with code INDIGO. Think: Wedgie & Ribcage fit jeans & Sherpa jackets.

MADEWELL: 30% off everything with code GIFTWELL. As usual I want to put just about everything on my own wishlist. Those Slim Aarons inspired lookbook pics are hard to resist this season.

MANGO: 30% off $100+, 20% off $49+. I often forget about Mango, but was reminded how great they can be in Spain last year. If anyone has a coat on her wishlist…

NORDSTROM: Up to 60% off.

SHOPBOP: Up tp to 25% off full price and up to 75% off sale with code MORE19. This is always a favorite for the huge selection. Tip: Click on an item that you like in the price range you’d like—they tend to be good at suggesting other like-items in the same range.

SAM EDELMAN: Extra 30% off (almost) everything with code SAM2019—including the OG ankle boot.

SEPHORA: Up to 50% off select items every day until 12/2

(I also like to check: BODENDERMSTORE (both had 30% off specials last year), FOOD 52 (often 20% off $100+), MINTED (holiday cards!), TOPSHOP and URBAN OUTFITTERS—along with local shops on Shop Small Saturday!)

Any holiday tips or sale notices you would add? 

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