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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! No leprechaun traps this year, but we did start the day with some Lucky Charms and a quick green manicure. Are you looking for last-minute inspiration for making the day feel special at home? Here are five ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with kids. And for the grownups, here’s a list of spring cocktails that would all be a fitting alternative to green beer—or try a favorite of mine, a “green beret.” We have some more sunshine today, so I’m going to celebrate with a walk in the UC Davis arboretum this afternoon—and maybe a Guinness at the little league game tonight.

Here’s a few links for the weekend…

A History of Rock in Guitar Riffs (Loved this. Hard to sit still while listening to these, and definitely putting on some Zeppelin this afternoon.)

Indie Sleeze Waves” might be my favorite hair look.

In case you needed some explainers, like me: 9 questions about Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, answered

I re-listened to Michael Lewis’ interview on Smartless and it’s a favorite. Another good listen this week? Steve Carrell on Office Ladies

Wallpaper probably won’t get a place in our home, but if it were to I’d love something bold like this.

Using a facial cleansing oil for the first time and the face-massaging and the wonderful smell of this one are making for a very nice nighttime routine.

Rewatching Girls in 2023.

Enjoying the NYMag cover story on Barbara Walters. “For her moment in history, I think she did a pretty good job for herself and for the rest of us,” McFadden said. “Some of the stuff you now look back on and you can cringe and say, ‘Eh, maybe not that.’”

I need to try harder with my iPhone photos. Wow.

Love the ruching on this dress.

We’ve still been trying to catch up with the Oscar-nominated films—feeling inspired after last weekend—and watched Triangle of Sadness last night. Have you seen it? I enjoyed this Q&A with the writer/director afterward.

I’m going to try to figure out how to reconnect the RSS feed with a newsletter this week! I signed up for a new account, so if you’d like to add your email to get notified, there’s a link in the sidebar that says “subscribe.” Thanks for those of you sending encouragement to do this!

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