Ben or Noel?

Before there were Edward and Jacob, there were Ben and Noel. In my super-unscientific twitter/Facebook/instagram study, I have observed that a large sample of us are rewatching Felicity reruns on Netflix right now (a finding supported by this recent “Nostalgia Fact-Check” on NY mag).

I’m not sure what my hypothesis is about this yet, but I think it’s pretty interesting the way that Netflix instant almost functions like a tv channel we’re all tuning into simultaneously to revisit people from our pasts—like Jordan Catalano, Winnie Cooper, or Ben Covington.

Raise your hand if you’re cringing once again as Felicity tells Ben that she followed him to University of New York and then… Gasp… cuts her hair.

By the way, when I watched this over 10 years ago (louder gasp—but note the lack of Internet and use of cassettes on the show and it’s hard to believe it was only ten), I was all for Noel. Now I think I’d be “team Ben.” Do you think team Jacob will one day switch allegiance? All the little girls seem to like Jacob best, right?

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