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With Hudson out of school and a need to come up with some fun activities for us to do together, I agreed to participate in a crafting challenge—thrown by P.S. I Made This (the queen of DIY) and Old Navy. Let’s just say, this sort of thing is not my forté.

When the materials arrived, I found myself staring at a box of bright paint and colorful cotton, picturing myself handing over those bottles of tie-dye and a stack of fabric markers to my two year old, in a bit of a panic.


I knew how I wanted to begin: roll up those shorts show they’d show off Hudson’s cute little legs, and cut off the wide-banded t-shirt trim to keep him from looking too much like a grown-up boy. (I actually do that to his shirts all the time!) But beyond that, I was at a loss.

So I held my breath and asked Hudson for his input. Thankfully, he showed restraint and went right for the little sponge. We cut it into a star, dipped it into some paint, and he stamped away on a striped onesie for Skyler. We made a bit of a mess, and I can’t say the shirt is exactly elegant, but Hudson loves it. He loved that he made it for her.


I learned that, yes, in fact I do sort of stink at this, but that I’ll be trying again (with lighter color fabrics); it’s easier to work with fabric pens than paint when you’re a total newbie; and that it’s fine to show restraint (my favorite result came about from simply using a portion of one of the stencils on Hudson’s pocket-tee, even after spending far longer drawing leaves on Skyler’s romper).

So, tell me: what are your favorite crafts and art projects for doing with your toddler?


This is a sponsored post. Thanks to P.S. I Made This and Old Navy for the challenge and for supporting Hither & Thither!  Discover how others fared at #PSxOldNavy. 

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