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Travelogue: New York City

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Ever since we moved away from New York—seven years ago—we’ve talked about how much we’d like to return with the kids to share with them all of the places and things (and foods!) we loved there. And whenever we would watch a movie that featured the city, and the kids would point out at all the taxis, skyscrapers, and crowds, we’d look at each other and smile: if only they knew! If only Hudson knew, when he was a toddler for example, that he once lived on the 12th floor of a tall building, crib in a closet, across the street from a fire station (with fire trucks!) and down the block from a subway (with trains!) that could whisk him to a museum full of fossils (with dinosaurs!) in an instant. We showed them the movie Enchanted not long before we left and they asked us, almost incredulously, if we’d seen rats in New York. Ha! If only.

So finally we planned a summer return, and it was full of taxis, skyscrapers, crowds, dinosaurs, and yes… even a few rats. But mostly, it was full of food. Here’s what I mean…

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Have a delicious weekend! (& Friday Links)

We’re deep in the throws of summer camps and bike rides and public pool meetups around here! Hudson is finishing up a week of a city camp called Camp Putah today. They bike all over and spend their days playing in the creek and then, on Thursday night, they camp out. It was a highlight of last summer and I think it will be of this one, too. Skyler is spending mornings back at her preschool for its summer camp—we got to delay the true goodbye to her teachers a little longer. Do your kids do camps?

I’ve been trying to get back into a routine of enjoying all the in-season fruits and veggies and less of that stuff above, but isn’t tempting to just go out for ice cream every day with the kids? It just makes them so happy! I’ve also been chipping away at photo editing in the few free hours and I promise I will finally finish one of those travelogues next week! That pizza, by the way, was our favorite (Motorino) and it was so nice we went there twice!

This weekend, my parents-in-law are kicking off there 50th anniversary year with a ‘start of the 50th year’ cake party at their church. Isn’t it a nice idea to make the whole year a special one? (This December will be the start of my parents’ 50th year, too!)

Some links of note…

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The Best Summer Sandals

I’ve been doing a fair bit of traveling the past month, and I often get questions about the sandals I choose to take along. Admittedly I tend to have a favorite or two every year that I wear to their death.

Here are some of my go-tos, as well as some others that have caught my eye in case you’re still looking for a favorite of your own…

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