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Travelogue: Cadaqués, Spain

At the very start of the summer—it seems so far away now—I was lucky to find myself visiting the small Mediterranean village of Cadaqués, in the company of a group of creative women. I’d joined a week-long tour, split between Barcelona and Cadaqués—the latter on the Costa Brava in the easternmost point of Spain being chosen for its history as home to Salvador and Gala Dalí. We’d be focusing on art and inspiration for the week.

Because I had joined with a group, I hadn’t done much of the planning for these three nights, but I studied the winding streets, the curve of the bay, and found it easy to understand why the Spanish artists would call this place home.

Here are some photos and impressions from my visit…

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Summer’s end (& Friday Links)

I’m starting to see first-day-of-school photos being shared and the college students are trickling back into town. Those photos of smiling students in new clothes and backpacks almost always make me feel a little emotional—it’s as if you can see all the love and hope that’s gone into this shiny little person, usually one of your friends or family’s children you’ve been watching grow each year, and sent off into the world! We’ll be doing it ourselves in a few weeks, but I’m glad we get a bit more time.

We’re driving up to Lake Tahoe today, escaping the high temperatures in the valley for the mountain air, and soaking up those end-of-summer feelings together.

Are you still having summer days? Or has the fall routine begun?

Here are some links of note I’ve been keeping in open tabs. Hope you have a nice weekend! 

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Hold on to your hats

I have a serious weakness for stiff, wide-brimmed hats. It feels like it wasn’t too long ago that they could feel a little costume-y beyond the beach, so I’m loving their surge in popularity.

Last year, in Santa Fe, I got my head measured at O’Farrell’s Hat shop, where they hand-make custom fur felt hats, and have been doing so for 30 years. Each hat takes about six months to make. I loved getting a lesson in the different materials they use—rabbit or beaver or a blend. At one point a woman who worked there explained that rarely do you really need the most expensive—beaver fur—because “you and I are not going to be standing out in the rain.” That sort of blew my mind—these are $500-$1000 hats and it didn’t even occur to me that, if I had one, I’d go near water with it. But of course! If you’re out riding, your hat is an investment; it’s a practical tool that needs to be water repellant.

To be honest, I’ve found some of my most-used hats in much less auspicious settings—like Whole Foods!—but I do appreciate feeling the difference in a really well-made hat.

Here are some favorites I’ve taken notice of, of late, from a range of sources… 

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