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I finished listening to Hello, Molly—the Molly Shannon memoir I mentioned last week. Tears streaming as it finished, I called Aron to recommend it. I’m a fan for life, now. Told Aron she makes you want to be a better person, a better parent. It’s definitely worth listening for her voice.

After studying various, very similar shades of white for the past few weeks, our house is getting painted this Monday! We had landed on Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee for both the facing and the beams/eaves and then had a last minute change: Ben Moore Dove Wing for the facing and White Dove for the eaves. The difference is very subtle, but I think it will be good to have a slight difference between the two to accentuate the MCM lines. Ours is a Streng (similar to an Eichler), some of you may recall.

Next I need to turn my attention to the new garage’s storage situation and set up. A lot of people recommend the Elfa systems. Any alternatives to suggest or opinions are welcome!

Our good friend is having a commitment ceremony this weekend and I’m excited to dress up and gather with friends to celebrate. It’s the first of two weekends of overnights without the kids. Next weekend we are headed to Vegas—Aron has a conference—and I’m looking forward to our first visit back since the pandemic. Any new recommendations for restaurants or activities? Some of our favorite places have closed, I believe.

Have you started planning costumes for Halloween yet? I have a lot of Halloween-themed posts that I return to for inspiration on here and Pinterest. I’ve got to get on it!

Finally, thinking of all of those who have been or are in the path of Hurricane Ian and hoping you’re safe.

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The Weekly Digest

It rained in California this week! Just after our unprecedented heat wave, this week started cool and rainy and Davis somehow got close to 4-inches of rain (that’s 20% of our usual yearly total) in 24 hours. Now we’re getting back into the ’90s this weekend. But yesterday evening, as the clouds rolled out, was a nice taste of autumn to come.

It was a good reminder to do some seasonal housekeeping: I just got my flu shot and my Covid booster—the kids will get theirs this afternoon. And I double checked my voter registration. Double check that you’re ready, here: Vote.Org

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The Weekly Digest

It’s been a minute. I’ve been saving up some links for a while, but lately I get so distracted when I start scrolling that I run out of time to actually share! Let’s see… catching up… summer was very full of travel and family. I posted photos on Instagram, if you’d like to see. The kids had a few camps, but not as many as in past years. Hudson started sixth grade and Skyler, third—which means it will be their last year in elementary together and one of their last years at the same school together for a long while. It’s hard to believe!

My birthday was last week and I’ve been extending the celebration as long as possible. Aron and I spent a day in Marin County to celebrate—shopping and lunch at the Marin Country Mart and then a hike from the redwoods down to the beach and back! Tomorrow starts with a soccer game, and we had planned a boat ride with friends for Sunday, but it looks like it might rain—which is good news for the fire being battled nearby, so I won’t complain. We need any rain we can get! Still, it’s a bit funny because this boat outing was cancelled the past two years due to smoke and fires. It’s just not in the cards.

Recently, we started construction on our carport—it is being turned into a garage. And I’m currently in the midst of debating the merits of several shades of white paint samples that I keep moving from shade to sun and back again. It’s remarkably difficult to commit! So that’s likely going to continue through the weekend as well.

We finished Better Call Saul and finished re-watching Breaking Bad (which got very confusing as we did so at the same time as they were releasing the last season of Saul). And we’ve just started the new show Bad Sisters on Apple. I’m loving it so far. Everything Sharon Horgan touches is amazing.

Any fun plans? What is everyone else watching?

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