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Digital Nomads: Productivity & Working Remotely

On some days, working from home can feel like a luxury. On others—especially when my kids are around, or I can’t stop lingering by the pantry to seek out a snack—it feels impossible. I’m constantly trying to figure out the right balance between having an established office set-up and working remotely.

The concept of being a “digital nomad” is one that a lot of people have embraced in recent years: thanks to the internet, many people’s jobs are no longer bound to an office. Some choose to work from home, others cafés, and others choose to travel the world while working.*

However I, along with many others, sometimes (and I’m being generous here) struggle with staying productive. When you work your own hours, or in your own space, it is up to you to get the work done.

So, how do digital nomads stay productive?

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Palm Springs-bound

Palm Springs Oranges

I’m sorry for skipping this week’s digest. Aron and I are leaving on a jet plane (“don’t know when I’ll be back again”) bound for Palm Springs in the morning. Grandparents and babysitters are all lined up for two days while we celebrate a friend’s birthday! And in typical fashion, I’m still not packed, and it’s 10:30 at night.

So instead I leave you with some favorite Palm Springs posts from previous visits…

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Take Better Smartphone Photos (5 Easy Steps)

I get a lot of questions about the camera I use for photos on the blog. Most of the time, I’m using a digital SLR (our Canon 5D/24-105mm lens), but I’d say 75% of the photos I take overall are taken with a smartphone. And it’s amazing how comparable they are.

Thank goodness, too, because it’s about ten times more convenient to pull out my phone when the kids do something cute—or to share a photo on Instagram. And you don’t need a fancy smartphone; most smartphones now come with great cameras.

With that, and in light of the old adage, “the best camera is the one you have with you,” here are some tips I’ve picked up for taking better photos with any camera phone.

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