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Couple Costumes for Halloween

As I said last year, I fear the days of whole family-themed costumes may be behind us. There was a brief time this summer when Skyler declared she wanted to be a mermaid, and Aron and I planned to join her as King Triton (him) and Sebastian (me), but by the time October came around she’d rolled through multiple new ideas. This year, Aron and I are once again on our own.

Anyone else in the same boat? Here are some very clever costumes for couples to help you get inspired, along with a few more from our collection…

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In Season: Autumn Harvest Salad

The selection at our local farmer’s market is confirming that autumn has arrived: piles of romanesco and swiss chard have replaced the stacks of berries and corn, the pomegranates and persimmons are making their first appearance, and root vegetables are showing up in abundance—conveniently, just in time for turning the oven on again.

I wanted to make a dish that would bring all of these flavors together—the sweet of persimmons, the bitter of fresh greens, and the tart of pomegranate seeds, along with the smoky, caramelized flavors of roasted vegetables—and still look pretty in the process. In fact, it could show up on a holiday table, in all of its seasonal glory, and fit right in.

Find the recipe below… 

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Weekend Plans (& Friday Links)

We’d made plans to do a house swap—our cabin for a weekend in San Francisco—but alas, we’ve decided to stay put: our driveway concrete is being poured, and after a rough go on our bathroom remodel, we thought it wise to stick around.

Still, this change of season always gets me excited about making travel plans. Next weekend, we are going to try camping in Big Sur for the first time! I pulled out this guide to camp cooking and I’m using the Camp book from Sunset Magazine to help me with checklists. In terms of clothes, I was looking back at this “Packing List for Yosemite Valley” post—most of this is still my default weekend-in-the-woods wear. Actually, it’s probably for the best that we stay put this weekend—there’s a lot to figure out!

Have you been camping in Big Sur with kids? We haven’t been since the Highway reopened. Any tips?

In the meantime, some links of note… 

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