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The Magic of a Message in a Bottle

I’ve been thinking about this story all weekend. It begins with a tweet from Eileen Webb, whose father Patrick Webb died last month: “Here’s a true story about my dad. When I was little, we were on a beach in Oregon and he found a message in a bottle”…

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Making plans (& Friday Links)

I’m looking forward to a weekend at home, and some free time to make plans. How about you? Aron and I have been booking plane tickets for spring break and summer trips—will definitely be asking for some specific itinerary advice!—and I’ve been so excited about the replies so far to my contributor query. I’ll start replying soon!

Also, we finally picked out a big kid bed for Skyler during the holiday sales. I think it was way back on black Friday—we went with this one when we saw it was marked down—and it will be delivered next week so I guess I need to get to work figuring out how to rearrange the furniture and shelves in her room so that it will fit! It’s going to be an early 5th birthday present.

Finally, some sad news: we are all so shook up and heartbroken: One of our new police officers—a 22-year-old who was just sworn in—was shot and killed last night in Davis, and a manhunt ensued for hours. I was just about to head out to drinks and a movie with friends and we were all cautioned to avoid downtown. Thinking of Officer Corona and her family today—such a tragic loss. Aron had the difficult task of preparing Hudson to hear the news at school this morning, just before dropping him off in his pajamas for pj day.

Hold your loved ones close this weekend! Some links of note… 

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Exercise On Demand: Do you stream your workouts?

Last night was my first meeting in a six-week fitness group. A friend of mine is coaching the class, which meets on Wednesday nights for a one-hour workout and 30-minute mind and body workshop through February.

While I’m enrolled, I get access to a gym; but I’m also starting to research the best ways to workout from home. I’ve had the most success (when I actually show up) with studio classes—that I have to schedule and plan for—but it sure seems like it would be great to save all that transit and prep time and enlist some on-demand options.

Right now, ads for the Peloton Digital subscription ($19/month) seem to be following me everywhere—and they’re compelling! I’m not interested in the equipment, but the option for joining in remotely with live studio classes (as well as pre-recorded classes) in cycling, running, bootcamp, floor, and outdoor workouts is appealing. Friends who have the bike say they love the instruction. And maybe having some set start-times would motivate me to schedule a workout.

But Peloton isn’t the only option out there. There are so many workouts streaming that it’s hard to know which are best.

Here are six others that are getting good press. Have you tried any? 

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