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The Perfect Host Gift

A few years ago, there was an swell of support for bottles of olive oil to replace flowers and or wine as the best gift to bring your host. Jenny Rosenstrach made my favorite argument for the switch, describing how olive oil is preferable to wine because it “usually catches you by surprise and because it can be stretched out for weeks, forcing you to remember the giver’s generosity every time you make a homemade vinaigrette or a eat a bowl of Sunday Minestrone, which demands a high-quality drizzle upon serving.”

I’m going to suggest that a cellar of Fleur de Sel—and in particular, Fleur de Sel de Camargue—be this year’s olive oil. They’re about $7 a piece and already come in a nice little package, so you could just add a ribbon.

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Holiday Craft: How to Make Snow Globes

Last year on Christmas eve, on a whim, we decided to try making snow globes for the kids to give out to friends and family. We didn’t get everything 100% right—note the yellow snowman and the embossed jars—but I love how they turned out! It was a really cute, simple project for all of us to do together. The kids were so proud of them and were thrilled when we drove around town to hand them out.

Whenever I’m looking for last-minute craft inspiration, I tend to first flip through Martha Stewart’s Crafts for Kids—which is where I found this. I also love anything Jodi Levine comes up with (a regular Stewart contributor) and recommend her Paper Goods Projects.

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A Hot Bath (& Friday Links)

Those photos of Jenna Lyons new apartment, circulating widely after her Times Magazine feature, make me want to take a hot bath! (As opposed to all of the news lately that makes me want to take a cold shower.) The light in the feature is so beautiful.

On a related note, someone wrote recently that they’d like to see more in the home & design category around here. I’m hoping to work on the editorial calendar over the break and would love to hear about any other topics you’d like to see more of. Please leave a comment to let me know!

Any plans for the weekend? We have our first holiday party, and I’m so excited! We’re also going to drive into the city to take the kids to a performance of the Nutcracker that’s geared toward children.

Some links of note, if you’ll be doing any browsing… 

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