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Lake Tahoe in the Snow: Scenes from Thanksgiving

Happy December! Christmas and the end of the year—the decade!—is fast approaching, and it feels like we’re running to keep pace. I know I’m not alone when I say that having Thanksgiving fall so close to the end of the month threw me for a loop!

It almost feels too indulgent to pause just to edit photos from the week past, but we had some really beautiful, snowy days in the Sierras and I’d love to share some favorite memories.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Some last minute tips (& weekend sales picks)

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating today! Every year, when reflecting on all the things for which I am grateful, I count the community of readers—many of you who’ve I’ve come to know by comment handles and Instagram icons over years of engagement—top on my list. The sense that I’m writing to friends is what has made this something so special for over a decade, and what keeps me looking forward to it. Thank you!

We’ve found ourselves in snowy Lake Tahoe this year. Snowstorms wreaked havoc on the roads and on some of our family’s plans, so it will be a quiet holiday—we will miss our family at the dinner table. But we are thankful that everyone is safe and healthy and that we will see them back in Davis when we return. In the meantime, it sure is pretty up here! The flocked trees and quiet roads were a nice surprise!

Even though we won’t be at a large gathering, I’ve pulled together some last-minute suggestions for those of you who will be! (And some sale picks for everyone else.)

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How I plan for the holidays: Our Advent Calendar

Every year, some time in November, Aron and I make a list of all of the things we plan to do—and want to do—for the holidays in preparation of pulling out the advent calendar on the 1st of December. We sit down with our phones and our date-books and I scroll through last year’s photos to remind myself of our typical highlights.

Each morning or afternoon thereafter, the kids open a drawer—one does the odd numbered days and one the even—where, inside, they find a slip of paper with a special plan for the day and a tiny ornament to hang on their tiny tree.

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