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Celebration layer cake secrets (& Friday Links)

I’ve gone back to kicking that sugar habit to the curb (#ketolife) but this layer cake guide on Bon Appetit had my mouth watering! It goes through all of what to do (and what not to do) to get those perfect layers when you cut the cake.  I’ll be bookmarking it.

On the semi-related subject of healthy choices, I’ve started a 6-week workout and this Sunday is our second meet-up. We all check in and do a workout together and then we’re on our own for the week. I’ve done really well at sticking to it!

Tonight is Skyler’s preschool picnic and then tomorrow we have a soccer game and we’re going to see Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis at the UC Davis Mondavi Center. It “features three extraordinary dancers interpreting everything from snakes to chickens: Charles “Lil Buck” Riley and Myles Yachts, specialists in a street dance called jookin’; and tap dancer Jared Grimes.” I’m really looking forward to it! And, if there’s time, we’ll fit in a visit to the Capay Valley for the Capay Crush Festival.

I’d also like to see a movie again one of these days. We just went to see Blackkklansman, which was really impactful, and I’m wondering what else we should put on our must-list. Any suggestions?

In the meantime, some links of note… 

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Travelogue: Puglia (with the Salento & Polignano a Mare)

We were sorry to leave our place among the olive trees, but we weren’t going far. To be honest, I had no idea just how close the two villages I’d chosen for our last week in Puglia would be. With little guidance as to which of the many seaside spots would suit us best, the process of choosing wasn’t far off from pointing randomly at the map.

I’d liked the look of Santa Cesarea, with its Moorish dome of the nineteenth-century Villa Sticchi clinging to the rocks, overlooking the Adriatic; and I’d found a well-priced hotel, with sea views and a restaurant that had rooms available. A combination of Google Images and hotel booking sites led us to what turned out to be a lovely jumping off point for more sightseeing on the Adriatic coast of the Salento—the heel of Italy, the peninsula of Puglia.

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Travelogue: Puglia (the Salento)

From Lecce, we drove south, deeper into the stiletto heel of Puglia, to where the Valle d’Itria ends and the peninsula, with the Adriatic sea to the the east, the Ionian to the west, begins: the Salento.

Surrounded by azure waters, beautiful beaches, and dramatic rocky coastline on both sides, the Salento is a paradise for sea lovers. We clung to the east, to the Adriatic coastline, which tends to offer the greatest variety of karstic grottoes, chalk cliffs, sandy shores, and salt-water lagoons.

And though our home base would be inland, just outside of a small village called Spongano, we couldn’t wait to spend our first day at one of its many marvelous stretches.

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