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In Season: Truffled Egg Toast

One of the first restaurants I ever visited in New York, ‘Ino, a tiny space with only a toaster-oven for a kitchen, used to serve one of my favorite dishes in the city: truffled egg toast.

I think of it every time spring comes around and asparagus returns to the markets. The restaurant closed in 2013, but recipes (and expressions of mourning) for the dish are easy to find online. It’s essentially eggs-in-basket: Thick, pullman bread—barely toasted—covered in cheese, brimming with runny egg, and scented with truffles. I watched a Food Network clip about it from “The Best Thing I Ever Ate,” and was surprised to see that it’s only two yolks in the middle—which is perhaps why it feels so rich.

Here’s how to make it for yourself…

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Style Primer: California Casual Modern

by Samantha Martin

In the last few years, the minimalist-yet-cozy look of California Casual Modern has taken the internet by storm. It’s easy to see why. These interiors make you want to kick off your shoes, relax, and breathe a sigh of relief. A California Casual Modern room has an it-factor—it is undeniably cool. But with all their light and texture, these spaces are never cold, never uncomfortably modern.

This style is pared back, which can make it seem deceptively simple. However, without the right balance of some key elements, a California Casual Modern room can lack dimension and life. What’s the trick to achieving Cali-cool rooms that don’t fall into the trap of boring-neutral? Let’s break it down…

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Travelogue: Coba and Tulum, Mexico

It was ten years ago that Aron and I took a two-week road trip around the Yucatán Peninsula, but I still recall how incredible it was: with visits to ancient Mayan temples and swimming in the sinkholes—cenotes—that connect to underground rivers under the limestone. When we decided to spend a week in the region over spring break, I knew we’d need to devote at least one day sharing just that with the kids.

Our itinerary had been to split the week between Isla de Holbox, a small island to the north of Cancun, and the resort area of Mayakoba, so we would add a visit to the ruins of Coba—a Mayan site we hadn’t previously visited—at the halfway point. But ever since a car break-in years ago in France, we’ve felt hesitant to leave suitcases in the car while sightseeing, so we decided to take a night from the island stay and add it in Tulum so that we drop our bags and save ourselves the worry. It also meant that we could arrive at the ruins just as they were opening. Finally, I confess I was curious to see just how much Tulum had changed since that trip so many years ago.

So we left that little paradise of Holbox around midday and ferried back to our rental car, only to pull into Tulum a few hours later…

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