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Summer weekend in Tahoe (& Friday Links)

Hudson turned seven this week and tomorrow we’re having a shark-themed pool party with lots of his friends from first grade! I saw that National Geographic is sending a shark-themed cake to Busy Phillips in her IG stories and I can’t wait to see it. If only they’d send it over here! I’ll share some photos next week.

In the meantime, those photos up there (and after the break) are from our weekend in Tahoe. It was so wonderful getting out of the hot valley for a few days and into the cold water. I love it in the summer—even more than in the winter. If you’re looking for suggestions, here are all the posts on here about visiting Lake Tahoe. You can also check out @twopinestahoe and #twopinestahoe on Instagram.

Finally, while there’s lots of good things happening around here, this is the flip side. Every. damn. day. 

Let’s start there… 

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

I swear it wasn’t my plan to post about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this morning. I started out compiling links for the Friday post and got sucked into the sale vortex. So I figured, after that lost hour (and some spent money), why not share my (so-far) favorites? I’ll still post the Friday links post later this afternoon.

I scrolled through the entire dress section looking for good florals and Dôen lookalikes. It’s a fall sale, which doesn’t scream florals, however, so I found a few other things, too…

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Going Keto for 30 Days: Avoiding temptation

Last month, I wrote about my experience trying the Ketogenic Diet—a high fat, low carb approach to eating that is designed to get your body using fat instead of carbohydrates for energy—and was surprised by just how many of you were interested in it. I’m clearly not the only one looking for ways to cut sugar and shift my eating habits—and, okay, lose a few pounds.

My experience with going Keto, if only for a month, was a really positive one: I felt like I had more energy eating that way, and a bit clearer focus. I felt satisfied and full after small meals. And I lost some of those pounds that seem to keep creeping on with every year. Other than skipping dessert, the foods one is supposed to eat/avoid are a pretty good fit for my preferences.

So why did I stop? First it was the holidays, then this party or that. Soon we were in Italy, where—save for some heavy burrata consumption—I basically adhered to an anti-Keto diet. But I have a big birthday approaching, and I’d like to use it as motivation to kickstart another month (at least) of Keto.

As I write this, I’m finishing up a last slice of Hudson’s birthday cake; Aron is at the grocery store, shopping for this week’s dinners. We’re once again going to be combing through the recipes in Maria Emmerich’s books (so far, we’ve been using her 30 Day menus). I’m grateful that he wants to do it again, too.

And yet…

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