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In the glow of the Golden Gate Bridge (& Friday Links)

Any fun plans coming up? I feel like this is the Saturday on which every holiday event is scheduled. The second weekend in December is always packed! We’ve got a couple of parties we’re looking forward to, and I’m excited to surprise the kids on Saturday morning with the news of breakfast with Santa! We go to our local Odd Fellows Hall every year and it’s always a sweet event.

We took these photos in San Francisco last weekend. That view of that bridge just never gets old.

Have a good one!

A few links for the weekend…

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Getting Fancy: Holiday dresses and jumpsuits

I always find myself looking for something special to wear to holiday parties around this time. I’m apt to over-prepare, actually. I don’t have that many parties to go to, and I’ve worn the same sequined top for New Year’s Eve three years running. (I might decide it’s a tradition.) Still, I just really love finding a just-right dress.

My first places to look are Anthropologie and Boden—you might recall this holiday roundup of Boden dresses a couple of years back—but I’ve looked to a few other standbys for this list. Where do you look first?

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The Perfect Host Gift

A few years ago, there was an swell of support for bottles of olive oil to replace flowers and or wine as the best gift to bring your host. Jenny Rosenstrach made my favorite argument for the switch, describing how olive oil is preferable to wine because it “usually catches you by surprise and because it can be stretched out for weeks, forcing you to remember the giver’s generosity every time you make a homemade vinaigrette or a eat a bowl of Sunday Minestrone, which demands a high-quality drizzle upon serving.”

I’m going to suggest that a cellar of Fleur de Sel—and in particular, Fleur de Sel de Camargue—be this year’s olive oil. They’re about $7 a piece and already come in a nice little package, so you could just add a ribbon.

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