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How to choose a grocery store bouquet—and make it last

I love having fresh flowers in the house, but I rarely know what I’ll be buying until I get to the supermarket and see what’s available. The hope is something beautiful, in-season, well-sourced, and that will last a while.

We’re incredibly lucky to have a great grocery store—Nugget Markets—around the corner who makes that easy. They focus on carrying products from local producers whose practices they can fully get behind—and every time I work with them I’m impressed by the care they put into seeking the best local products. It really feels unique to the region.

That said, while their stores are currently only to be found in Sacramento Valley and in Marin County, their focus on the local producers and sustainable practices is something one can seek out anywhere. You just have to know what to ask.

I took a trip out to Petaluma last week to visit Neve Brothers‘ flower farm and see how my roses are being grown. Here’s a bit of what I learned there—including how to make roses last—and my favorite tips for arranging a grocery bouquet at home…

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Have a relaxing weekend! (& Friday Links)

Anything fun on the horizon? We’re driving up to Tahoe and I’m looking forward to some beach time, some reading, and plenty of board games. It’s strange to look at the calendar and see August flying by, so hopefully we can savor these last few weeks before school starts.

Hope your summer is going swimmingly! Some Friday links… 

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Travelogue: Puglia (Valle d’Itria & Lecce)

From Basilicata and the magical city of Matera, we drove south into Puglia—the “heel of the boot.” For the next ten days we would wind our way through olive groves and wheat fields, along azure blue coastline, and up narrow roads to gleaming white hill towns and baroque cathedrals.

We would stop in Alberobello on our way to Ostuni, where we would base ourselves for a few nights before pressing on to Lecce. Eventually we would make our way south to where the Adriatic meets the Ionian sea.

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