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Easy & Quick: Two-Ingredient Doughnut

Struck with an urge for fresh doughnuts, we pulled out this old standby for a treat this past weekend and it holds up.

Here’s the usual scenario for these: You didn’t prep ahead. There’s no dough leavening on the counter. (And now, worse, maybe there’s no flour left at the store.) And unless you know any supermarkets with great doughnuts or any of the bakeries near your house are still running, your chances of finding the perfect doughnut in a store right now are slimmer than ever. 

Instead, on your next run into the grocery store, buy a pop-tin of biscuit dough and some coconut oil. (And, if you’re going to add a glaze, get—at minimum—some powdered sugar, too. Although I’ll give some more ideas for glazes below.)

Bonus: The kids love to get involved and you can give them the chance to come up with fun glaze ideas and decorations. 

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The Weekly Digest

This week: The kids did lots of rollerblading and took long walks, practiced drawing together with Wendy Mac, and watched the first two episodes of National Parks on Disney+. Skyler joined some of her kinder buddies on a zoom meeting, Hudson played chess and homemade battleship, and I joined in two zoom bookclub meetups.

Aron and I watched Tiger King on Netflix Party, caught up with Better Call Saul, and played trivia with friends. We also, every night, exchange NYT-Mini-Crossword times with another couple (often with our drink handicap) and the ensuing banter is something to look forward to.

I cleaned the house (over and over) and made the kids cry with my April Fool’s Joke (I put confetti in place of the cereal in a box of Lucky Charms), and froze toys in ice water to occupy a sunny afternoon. Aron worked from home at the end of the week—maybe for the first time ever?—which was amazing, and we did some work in the garden. I finally downloaded the TikTok App and an hour of watching funny animal clips with Aron had us shriek-laughing. It helped me forget that, tomorrow, we were supposed to fly to Mexico for spring break—for a little while

Late last night, we got the notice that school is officially cancelled the for the rest of the year and I cried when we watched a “Miss-you”-video from the kids’ teachers. On the other hand, this clip made me tear up in joy. My friend Courtney sent me the link and, if you haven’t seen it, it was my favorite thing this week.

Some more links for this week… 

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Something I Read: What Impressed You As A Kid?

I came across an old post yesterday about an interview with designer and entrepreneur Tina Roth Eisenberg, in which she talks about something her parents did that seemed remarkable to her…

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