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Doing Justice to Martin Luther King Jr. (& Friday Links)

As we honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. this weekend, (and as some might be preparing to march in womens’ marches around the world), here are some reads I’ve especially appreciated:

Martin Luther King Jr. was more radical than we remember. “This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we would do his memory justice by honoring all of his legacy. Not just the parts that make white Americans comfortable.”

On being more than just nice. “The default of the current system is the reproduction of racial inequality. To continue reproducing racial inequality, the system only needs for white people to be really nice and carry on.”

The Other Talk,” on one woman’s experience being prepared for being black in America.

Finally, if you’re looking for books on social justice to read with children, we came up with this list last year.

Enjoy the long weekend! Some more links of note…

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5 Things: Davis, California

As we head into the new year, I am excited to be relaunching the Five Things Travel Series! I’ve found that when asking people advice about visiting their city, it’s best to ask them “where would you take a friend?” The results are more passionate, personal takes on cities around the world, with insider travel tips on where to eat, shop, stay, and play in their neighborhoods. We’ll get started with contributors next week, but I thought I’d begin with a more extended version of this, featuring my own home town! 

I pretty much jump at any chance I get to tout Davis, California—partly in hopes that friends scattered about the country will decide to move here.

With the highest number of bikes per capita in the U.S., a walkable downtown core, a world-class performing arts center, and a steady stream of students that keep the city youthful and multicultural, Davis may be small but it has a lot to love. Our little university town is just a 20-minute drive from Midtown Sacramento, two hours from Lake Tahoe and, in the other direction, an hour from the San Francisco Bay.

Here are some of the places I’d take an out-of-town friend…

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The Magic of a Message in a Bottle

I’ve been thinking about this story all weekend. It begins with a tweet from Eileen Webb, whose father Patrick Webb died last month: “Here’s a true story about my dad. When I was little, we were on a beach in Oregon and he found a message in a bottle”…

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