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School’s Out for Summer! (& Friday Links)

The last day of school was full of emotions—mostly mine—as we celebrated the end of preschool. So much of both of our children’s lives have been spent with the wonderful teachers there, many of whom were there when Aron went, and we couldn’t have felt more grateful for their warm, playful, nurturing influence. Meanwhile, Hudson looks like he’s aged two years, not one, since the start of second grade, and the swift passage of time is all too clear as he enters third.

Still, I’m not complaining: I know it’s only a good thing that we get to witness their growing up—and we couldn’t be prouder of the people they’re becoming. Every year brings new delight.

And now the fun: summer! I’m going to take a little break here while we go on a family trip. Thank you for all of your New York suggestions!

I hope you’ll take a look around some of the archives—especially the travel section—for your own adventures.

Some links of note, gathered on Friday… 

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What’s on your Summer Reading List?

My friend Stephanie wrote, a few years back, about a conversation on “summer books” she heard on the radio wherein the panelists were trying to decide what made a book a great summer read.

“For me,” she adds “the real magic in summer reading has little to do with specific books; it is the dream of languorous mornings and afternoons with nothing to do but read. Visions of hammocks, deck chairs, beach towels, or tree-shaded lawns; sandy-bottomed tote bags with water-damaged paperbacks; chlorine smells and lake smells and sunbaked dirt smells, all mixed in book mustiness and sunblock—these are all lovely things, but time in abundance is the best. Time to be bored, to be hot and lazy, to feel like there is simply nothing else to do but curl up on the porch with a plate of Triscuits and a sweaty glass of wine and a stack of whatever has been languishing unread by the side of the bed.”

I was cursing my computer yesterday, trying (fruitlessly) to download photos of Spain, in an attempt to finish a travelogue before the kids’ school year wraps up, and we head off for a week of vacation, when it dawned on me that I might be better off eating Triscuits with wine, so to speak. Alas, I think the travelogue might have to wait. But I do need to choose a new book should a hammock or deck chair present itself next week. Here are some titles I’m considering…

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's day gift guide, collage

Father’s Day is just a week away! Here are over 20 gifts that might be just right for him…

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