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The kumquats are nearly ripe in the backyard, the posters are starting to show up for the Almond Blossom festival, and my kids are asking about April Fool’s Day? Meanwhile, January marches on for twice-the-time as December. Is anyone else feeling the incongruity? I just came back from a weekend in Southern California and tonight we’re heading back into the—that might have something to do with my confusion.

I feel like this cake is the most lovely emblem of this all: it looks like spring, but features the citrus of winter. Find the recipe here. 

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Travel Tip: Make the most of Google Flights

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Google Flights lately, looking up spring break and summer vacation destinations, and there are some really cool updates that they’ve just rolled out to help one find flights and, potentially, save money. Two of my favorite additions?

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Digital Nomads: Productivity & Working Remotely

On some days, working from home can feel like a luxury. On others—especially when my kids are around, or I can’t stop lingering by the pantry to seek out a snack—it feels impossible. I’m constantly trying to figure out the right balance between having an established office set-up and working remotely.

The concept of being a “digital nomad” is one that a lot of people have embraced in recent years: thanks to the internet, many people’s jobs are no longer bound to an office. Some choose to work from home, others cafés, and others choose to travel the world while working.*

However I, along with many others, sometimes (and I’m being generous here) struggle with staying productive. When you work your own hours, or in your own space, it is up to you to get the work done.

So, how do digital nomads stay productive?

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