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It’s looking very spring-like around here. The blooms are back and the bees are buzzing. I heard that we shouldn’t panic about the lack of rain just yet—more could come in March and April—but I really hope we Californians are all saving on water-use and thinking more long-term than that.

This weekend is full of around-here projects: I’m getting ready to launch the March issue of The Davis Dirt and this one comes (fingers crossed) with a whole new website, so there’s lots to do. Everyone is off at the moment: Hudson is starting up baseball again and practices begin today. Skyler is celebrating her birthday month with her class today and is feeling the love. Aron’s at work doing something silly no doubt… saving lives, blah blah blah. 😉 Actually, to toot a horn for him a bit: he’s once again been named one of the top doctors in Sacramento, and he’s been appointed Director of Urologic Robotic Surgery for Northern California at Kaiser and made Assistant Chief in his department! We’re pretty proud of him.

Looking forward to toasting to that and to the weekend soon!

Hope you’re having a great one… 

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Tiny House: The Benefits of Downsizing

When we were in New York, it was not uncommon to find yourself invited into a 200-or-so square foot apartment, books piled under a kitchen sink that had toothbrushes beside it, belying its double-duty. It was always a thrill to see how friends and acquaintances managed to make these tiny spaces into homes. These cases, however, were not a matter of downsizing but more so a characteristic of New York’s interesting housing situation.

Our own studio apartment felt grand by comparison, all 55o-square-feet. It’s hard to imagine all three of us fitting there—now that there are four of us and a dog. We seem to accumulate toys the way the latter’s fur can attract foxgloves in an empty field (hardly trying). So I’m always particularly interested and inspired by tiny-home-dwellers (or airstream residents, in the case is pictured above) who can truly call themselves minimalists.

After-all, design minimalism is having a moment, but what does it really mean to downsize?

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Thinking About: The Power of Unplugging

I wouldn’t say that envy is one of my biggest vices. But whenever the concept of “unplugging” comes up, I’m envious of those who are capable. The internet and social media are a big part of my life. I do everything I can to live in the present moment and resist the urge to check my phone when I’m around others, but sometimes it gets the best of me.

There’s a certain amount of social media I feel like is required by the nature of my work, but I’m certainly guilty of just bouncing around from app to app refreshing in moments of boredom or, worse even, out of habit: I realized the other day that I was opening Instagram again after having just closed it moments earlier… out of habit! 

I’ve set those little alarms that tell me when I’ve reached an hour on Instagram and feel virtuous when it actually makes a difference. Then I get a notice about my average daily screen time and feel like I need to seek help!

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