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Today is the last Friday of elementary school for Hudson. The countdown is on: just four more days of 6th grade. I felt myself get a little teary watching the kids at a school sock hop today. We’re talking about promotion/graduation and 6th-grade-dance style and so maybe doing a little shopping this weekend. Anyone with sixth grade boys? What are yours wearing right now? We’re also gearing up for a switch from Gizmo to Apple Watch (holding off on the phone, hopefully, a few more years) and I’m rewriting the Common Sense Media family tech agreement for our needs. Thanks to those who recommended some podcasts a few weeks back. I got some great tips.

May has been very full, but full of fun things. Aron and I celebrated our 16th anniversary (I wrote 17 years in this reel, oops!) and then, a few days later, went to our first music festival, BottleRock in Napa. We wrapped up Succession with everyone else and got started with two new kids’ sports teams. Tonight we’re going out on a brew bike in Sacramento with some friends and we’re looking forward to a boat ride on Sunday. I also need to finish summer travel planning. We have a trip in two weeks for which I still haven’t finished booking hotels.

Finally, also looking forward to: Father’s Day, summer solstice & recognizing June Pride month—the crosswalks around town have been repainted as rainbows! What do you have coming up?

Just a few links today. I’m too embarrassed to give another update on the Oaxaca travelogue, which is taking me way too long…

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The Weekly Digest

I keep promising a new travelogue and I’m sorry it’s taking me so long if you’ve been looking for it. I’d run into some problems getting the photos off of my phone, but I think I’ve got it all figured out now. Honestly, photo organization is forever on my most-requested gift list. I just want someone to come in and figure it all out for me! Any tips welcome.

Our week was packed with soccer and baseball (both Hudson) as the seasons wrap up and new teams are formed. We also have been celebrating a lot—moms, anniversaries, birthdays—and are quickly accelerating toward a lot of elementary school graduation activities (also Hudson). We welcomed back Davis’ Wednesday picnic-in-the-park tradition (I was on the 10 o’clock news!) and finished watching an old season of Amazing Race with the kids. This weekend, on Sunday, Aron and I will head to Indian Springs for a couple of nights to mark our 16th anniversary!

In my last post I mentioned being excited to see Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret, and we since took both kids to see it and loved it! I also mentioned a podcast interview with Sam Fragoso and Ethan Hawke that I’d planned to listen to, and I did and do recommend it as well. As for new recommendations, I have a couple I’ll leave in the links…

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The Weekly Digest

leslie mann

It’s been a rough week for our community. It made national news, so some of you may have read—we had a series of stabbings and, for about a week, no idea when the killer would be identified and caught. Until yesterday, when an arrest was finally made, just blocks from the kids’ school. The randomness and the closeness meant that we were all incredibly on edge. Businesses and the University cancelled all evening classes, sports leagues and families cancelled afternoon and evening activities, and we stopped letting kids ride their bikes to school or play in the park. The sound of news helicopters and sirens seemed a constant hum. It was awful. But of course as terrible as it was for those of us waiting, the worst is thinking of the lives lost. One man was an activist we all knew as “compassion guy” and the other was a 20-year-old Davis High grad and UCD student who had just posted about his excitement over his research and how he was going to help people—rest in peace David Henry Breaux and Karim Abou Najm. The third victim is recovering, thank goodness.

I’d hoped to finish that travelogue I’ve tasked myself with, but it’s been an all-consuming week. Of course it doesn’t mean I didn’t engage in some distracting scrolling, so I do still have a few links to share.

Hope everyone has a peaceful weekend. I’m looking forward to getting back to my walks!

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