Travel: Would you bring a photographer?

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Would you want to take a trip with a professional photographer if you could?

A year or so ago, I read about a travel company that curates trips and sends along a photographer to document it for you. El Camino Travel‘s idea is that you will have an “epic journey”—with a small group of fun people to someplace unique where you’ll meet inspiring local entrepreneurs—and you can put away your phone and your camera and rest assured that it will all be captured beautifully. “You focus on your journey. Let us document it.”

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I’ve been seeing some of the images recently on Instagram, from a trip they took to Nicaragua, and they’re indeed magazine-worthy!

But what do you think?

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Most of us like to have photos from our travels, and most of us like to share them with friends on Facebook or Instagram or whatnot—isn’t this just laying bare that impulse? The natural next step?

“Each group is accompanied by a talented photographer with a creative eye ready to capture the whole experience.”

I’m so curious about this. Do you forget he or she is there? How often are shots posed?

“The photographer will deliver 20+ compelling images every morning that you can immediately share with your social media.”

There’s something funny about that social media bit, right? (Okay, gut reaction: I thought it was crazy.) But is it just that it’s being honest and open about the desire to have good photos of oneself to share?

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For me, not doing the research for the trip sounds great. Having it planned, meeting new people, being assured we will be in beautiful places, putting the phone away, and being in the photos with Aron: these are all desirable things.

But it also made me think about why I like taking photos (and, yes, sharing them) on vacation. It’s a huge part of the travel experience for me. I’d miss it! I really enjoy looking at things as compositions—crowds, smiles, food, buildings, colors—and then trying to capture it with a camera. I think it helps me notice things I wouldn’t otherwise, and often reminds me to appreciate just how much around me is “photo-worthy” all the time.

Does it mean I’m less in the moment? Good question.

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It brought me to wonder: why do we take photographs? Why do you? How big of a role does social media play in the way you take pictures?

And finally—I think this is so interesting!—what do you think about this travel company’s premise? Would you like to have a photographer accompanying you on a trip if you could?

[Photos by El Camino Travel. All rights reserved.]

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