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We watched Wonder Woman with the kids last weekend and the premise—that it’s Aries, the God of war, who is causing mankind to destroy each other so unnaturally—keeps coming back to me this week as being especially prescient right now. As in, there must be some fantastical explanation why people keep starting wars and killing one another. How else can we understand it? I am worrying for Ukraine like everyone, of course — and then oddly living as if all were (mostly… there is still a pandemic to contend with) fine. That looks like a mix of doom-scrolling through the CNN news ticker, listening to podcasts about the history of the Soviet Union and Putin’s rise to power, at the same time as appreciating the spring blooms, going to Little League games, watching a new movie, planning summer camps and looking forward to spring break vacation. What a strange time.

One of the podcasts I enjoy most these days, Everything is Fine, talked about the whiplash of it all (around 6:45 min mark)—”mardi gras selfies, war, the Gap is having a sale”—and I’m not sure how to post on here at all without contributing to that. Honestly, that’s how it has felt for the past two years. What do I have to add that isn’t just silliness? I guess I have to assume that we are all getting our news from real news sources and doing our best, readying ourselves to make sacrifices, and then also be one of those distractions.

So, if you’re in the mood for distractions, some links…

Okay, well… first one is still a bit on the more serious topics of the day: The White House is briefing TikTok stars about the war in Ukraine. I have mixed feelings about lending legitimacy to influencers as news correspondents…

I’m really excited to celebrate the premiere of friends Kele and Christina’s new show, Mash-Up Our Home, which premieres on March 12! Watch them on Saturday nights at 8/7c on HGTV, or stream episodes same day on HGTV GO. Check them out @colossusmfg

Loved this A Cup of Jo post about talking openly with boys about periods.

Hudson wanted to see a truly scary movie and so we decided to show him Alien (1979) with Sigourney Weaver. It really is scary, still! He loved it and I think it’s a good intro to horror/sci-fi if you’re at that age. Not too much gore, no guns really, bad language isn’t too excessive (like, you get to say a bad word if you’re in outer space and an alien is trying to kill you), smart heroine, and set in a place that he won’t be any time soon (unlike Jaws/ocean).

Speaking of movies, this McSweeney’s article on The Batman is SO GOOD. I was just thinking how ridiculous it is that I can’t take my kids, but that I also don’t want to pay a sitter for a three-hour movie about a comic book hero.

Marc Maron’s WTF interview with Mia Sorvino is a great listen: She’s fascinating, full stop. But also, “Mira and Marc talk about how she went from winning an Oscar to being put on a Hollywood blacklist by Harvey Weinstein and how she didn’t learn the truth until 17 years later.”

Emilio Delgado, who played Luis Rodriguez on Sesame Street for 45 years, has died at the age of 81.

Emily’s post on styling her curly hair was fun and inspiring.

A friend was asking about bedwetting alarms and this kit was amazing for us if you are in need of some help ditching pull-ups.

Wishlist lately: New clogs, a summer jumpsuit, fresh muscle tee.

We stayed at a cute hotel just off Union Square on an overnight to SF this week—photo above from from PaliHotel SF.


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