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TGIF! I’ve been working hard to get the the local newspaper I told you about ready for print and they were delivered today! It’s such a relief to actually hold them each month. The next month’s issue is—if all goes according to plan—going to be the first with a new redesign and new website, so there’s a lot to do in the next few weeks. At the same time, Skyler’s Birthday party is tomorrow, so we’ve been gearing up for that. We decided to book a venue and order a cake for this one and then the kids and I just finished painting a banner for something homemade to bring along. She invited her entire kindergarten class and I think it made it really nice for her today: she was able to talk about the party openly and lots of the kids yelled “see you tomorrow” at pick-up. She was in heaven! Her actual birthday is next Wednesday. How is my baby six already?

Will you be watching the game on Sunday? There are pleny of Niners fans around here, as you might imagine. Here are some superbowl themed posts from the archives: Baked Buffalo Wings (just as tasty as fried ones) and game-day prep (aka beer).

Some other links of note… 

Tragic news for so many families—including that of Kobe Bryant.

“The trial that wasn’t really a trial will be over, and we will no longer have to listen to it. The Senate can stop pretending.”

I don’t believe the continuation of this process will change anything.” (Murkowski)

The Crown will end after season five.

Wow, a really open & honest post about depression. 

Food52’s new stackable glasses look great. They look simple but elegant, and that etched rim falls just where the scratches start after years of stacking (brilliant).

An old post, but a cake of dreams.

The trench coat is back! Every few years… (Here’s a round-up with some styling tips.)

The new Madewell lookbook—all of those rust colors, the chore coat, the dresses!—is hard to resist. (See lead photo for case in point.)

The last time democracy almost died.

Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Awards

I thought this was an SNL skit when I first saw it!

Cool cardi.

I haven’t been able to close the tab on this House tour.

Brad Pitt wore a name tag. Ha!

And, also, is he being undervalued because of his damn fine look?

This is my friend’s cousin. Such a great story!

Finally, after so many recs and targeted ads… ordered some Future Dew (I actually really love a lot of Glossier products, so hopes are high. Here’s 10% off.)

Just came across a 10-yr-old interview Aron and I did in the OG days of blogging. Cute.

Question: anything you’d like me to prep for Valentine’s Day?

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