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I’m a little late with the links today. I went for a haircut and ended up getting back just in time for school pickup. Then, the kids have Monday off, so we’re going to spend weekend in Lake Tahoe. We did a rushed packing and hit the road! How about you? Any fun plans for the weekend? What are you reading and watching lately? Will you watch the Oscars on Sunday night?

Speaking of the Oscars, how many of the best picture nominees have you seen?

And how many of these dresses?

Also, the postpartum ad the Oscars rejected.

One of our most pressing problems: the disinformation war.

The loneliness of early parenthood.

Aron listened to this Planet Money story about unclaimed funds and now we both have checks from the state of New York coming in the mail to us.

A new documentary called Booksellers. (Especially interesting to me because our friends just bought a bookstore!)

The best TV on Netflix?

When did the furniture at Urban Outfitters get so lovely? This couch belongs in a Kelly Wearstler hotel.

Dries in a minute? I’ll try it.

If you like the look of multiple earrings but aren’t ready to pierce.

I borrowed the kaftan pictured here (in a different color) from that service—Nuuly—that I wrote about and got lots of questions. It’s lovely—and makes me excited for warmer days.

Maisonette has its own line of play clothes now.

Ten ways of looking at the impeachment.

And from that: “History will forgive us our failures; it will never forgive us our passivity. The coming months are fateful for our democracy; everyone will be tested, and every vote will count if all these American ambiguities are, somehow, to be resolved.”

Are you registered? Are you ready? Ask everyone you know!

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