Gift Guide for your Valentine

A few gift suggestions if you’d like to get something for your valentine, whomever that may be. (Maybe it’s you!)

Often a card and a plan for a fun night in—light candles? order sushi? queue up a movie?—is perfect. But make the plan.
(We still like each other card.)

A collection of Wildsam Field Guides (or just the one from your city with a prompt to visit) would make a great gift for the wanderer. Each has suggestions and stories from locals. For example, San Francisco’s features Joan Didion and John Muir, Beatnik lore, the science of fog, and bread baking—as well as itinerary suggestions. Better yet, plan one of your own to follow together!

Soft Pajamas or Lingerie are still classic. (And here’s something for him.) In the same vein, for a friend, consider some secretive heart-stamped no-show socks.

Keep it spicy: Sriracha-to-go.

I’m intrigued by this unisex fragrance inspired by a woman who would “tend to her rose garden whilst smoking a hand-rolled tobacco cigarette and drinking a whiskey and water.”

(Also from the grooming department: a Harry’s Shaving Kit with a carryall)

You could go with champagne, but I think a bottle of Vermouth, with its herbaceous aroma would be more fun. Serve as an aperitivo or use to make better cocktails. I brought back a bottle of this one for Aron, from a Vermut bar in Barcelona last year.

This crystal-cluster barrette sparkles like jewelry, but is much more playful. These Amelie Barettes are lovely, too.

Also for adorning: some paper thin rings. And the whole jewelry section of Clare V is a favorite—like these hoops.

A backpack-meets-duffel carry-on for seeing new places through each other’s eyes.

Pick out a stoneware pot and an architectural succulent for their desk or home.

Love Poems for a true romantic.

Code Names, but just for your duet.

Something pretty with the promise of monogramming.

If you’re set on real Chocolates, these Teuscher Champagne Truffles are amazing. But for something sugar-y that also indulges their sweet tooth, a rainbow puzzle.

Speaking of puzzles, this one would be perfect for your book-club pals.

And here are some recommendations for spreading the love with on-theme books for your young ones, like Love Is, by Diane Adams and Claire Keane—a lyrical exploration of a loving relationship between a little girl and a little duck.

Do you usually give any gifts for Valentine’s Day? I’d say it’s 50/50 around here… 

P.S. What my friends are really doing for Valentine’s Day (vs what they wish they were doing).


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