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Palm Springs Oranges

Sorry to have missed last week’s check in! We had some crazy rain and wind in Davis and much of the town lost power for a few days—it threw us all, quite literally, off course! But California needed some water, and I’m happy to see we got feet of snow in the Sierras (reminded me of #Februburied).

Our little babe turns seven tomorrow (as she’s been letting everyone know all week!), so I’m posting early and taking off to celebrate. We’re going to go skiing on the day, and then have a few friends joining her for a zoom party on Saturday morning (along with a mermaid to entertain). Hopefully we can make the day special for her! She makes every day special for us. Her gift request? “A comb that folds out of a circle.” I think she means one of these. Here are some looks back at the last seven years.

And some links of note…

This! Thank you, Erin for writing “Snowed Under in a State of Emergency.” I want to hug her and fist bump her.

This makes me want to go drive to a Sonic and get a diet soda with pellet ice.

Bernie Sanders licensed his Inaugural mittens image to raise $1.8 MILLION for Vermont charities

Dogs sniffing out Covid is the testing I’ll be first in line for! (But I’m also really, really happy to get tested any way, any time! The New York Times just featured our Healthy Davis Together options!)

SF is suing the SF Schools over the failure to open.

How is the U.S. doing at its Covid response compared to other countries? Yikes.

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana is amazing.

We just finished watching I May Destroy You (which was just snubbed by the Golden Globes)—difficult but incredible and often funny despite its pain—and now The Flight Attendant (hooked!) What are you watching?

Looking forward to seeing Tadpoles as a family.

Need a book for bookclub… Our local book shop, Avid Reader, recommended a title that I’ve completely forgot (I’ll ask again!) and a friend just wrote to say “I’m telling everyone I know about Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times, by Katherine May. Have you read it? If not go read it immediately. It’s so beautifully written. I think everyone should read it.” Do you have any other recent recs?

Loved this look into Jordan’s new home. Her eye is so good.

I had to forward this to my friend whose family owns a restaurant (and who is so bothered by other local restaurants building those indoors-in-the-outdoors tents.

Big discounts on Ulla Johnson. (I’m always admiring the sweaters by this label, but they’re a bit steep.)

Michelle Obama announced a new young-readers edition of Becoming is being released.

I’m getting very curious about air fryers. (Worth it?) A friend recommended the Ninja 8-in-1 because “it’s super compact, flips up to save counter space, and does everything.”

Leanne Ford shares how spelling mistakes help her find some real gems on re-sale sites, on Apartment Therapy.

Also, how charming is this clip of Ford and her brother?

Loaded sheet-pan nachos look delicious! (Is anyone watching the Superbowl Sunday? I’ll mostly tune in to see Amanda Gorman and The Weekend, but here is a past recommendation for Superbowl fare: baked wings). Also, How to drink beer, or if you prefer, my Favorite non-alcoholic beers, and a Chili Station guide.

Have a great weekend!


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