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Sorry for missing last week’s digest—we took off early and hit the road for the Sonoma coast, having finally made arrangements to stay in Sea Ranch. I’d been hearing about the lovely stretch—with its architecturally distinct community—since college, and fall is usually a wonderful time for the beach in Northern California. The cooler temperatures onshore tend to mean less fog (or at least that’s my understanding of the why). We were grateful that there was some rain, however, during our stay—the nearby fires are still being contained and the extra humidity is really appreciated. I took this photo while there (and you can see others on Instagram).

This weekend we are sharing a sitter with our pod family and doing some local wine tasting. Aron’s birthday is coming up next week (as is his mom’s), so we’re looking forward to and making plans for those. And I just got new office shelves, so I’m trying to part with some books so that they might look as elegant as all of those inspo photos I pinned. What are you up to this weekend? Have a good one!

Some links of note… 

“You could save lives!” and “You’re the president, you’re not some crazy uncle!” (Here are more highlights—well done, Guthrie!)

“The pandemic has highlighted some glaring economic problems that have been building up for decades: lack of job security; racial inequities; stagnant wages; an inadequate social safety net; and a hopelessly lopsided distribution of income and wealth, in which the richest ten per cent of households own almost ninety per cent of all the stocks and mutual funds.”

More reporting on the fact that, sadly, “people in the United States are dying at rates unparalleled elsewhere in the world.”

On our to-watch list: PBS’s town hall for kids on race and racism.

This discussion of Roe v. Wade and what happens if it is overturned really highlights the importance of voting at the state level (especially if the hearings have you feeling powerless): “‘What’s interesting about the modeling is it’s less about Judge Barrett being confirmed to the Supreme Court than the importance of the state politics, and the state politics become that much more important in a world without Roe,’ Professor Myers said.”

But don’t listen to me, listen to “Preaching to the Choir” with Mandy Patinkin.

Snopes fact-checks that viral Buttigeg quote. (Just a way to remind everyone about fact-checking.)

To-read on McSweeney’s right now: an all-time classic and an ever-growing list of atrocities.

Netflix’s new Covid production, Social Distance.

Disney adds new disclaimers to movies with racist stereotypes.

This dialect quiz post of mine from 2014 is trending right now. What’s going on with dialect quizzes—they seem to be popping up a lot lately!

Speaking of language, this video is full of F-bombs, but if you haven’t seen this cougar stalking a man for 6 minutes…  YIKES!

We won’t be trick-or-treating, but I have to say… I like this take.

How are you planning to safely celebrate the holidays?

Whoah! Check out these underwater shots!

Ikea launches a furniture buyback program.

The plot was absolutely ridiculous (IMHO), but I do confess to binge-watching Emily in Paris. Couldn’t help myself! Now I need a new show… Any tips?

Stopped someone outside a coffee shop to ask about their boots the other day: These were the ones.

Such a great leather tote.

I’ve read raves for this serum for years, but couldn’t bring myself to buy it. My dermatologist just gave me a sample, however, and three weeks later: I’m sold. A little funny smelling, but I definitely see a difference.

Also, from the same visit, I’m now hooked on this facial sunscreen. It blends perfectly! And I switched to a clarifying cleanser after, oh, twenty years of Cetaphil.

P.S. Do you need help with your plan to vote?

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