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Happy November! Tonight is Skyler’s first piano recital (aka “piano party”), though only one parent gets to go so I’ll content myself to get the details after. She chose dad because I already get to hear her at the lessons each week. Tomorrow begins the final AYSO soccer games, so that’s our big activity Saturday and Sunday and I have to tell you—I’ve become so much more of a soccer fan this season! I’m hoping the rain holds off for them—even as ever wishing for no-rain seems completely anti-Californian. Oh, the inner conflict!

I think we are finally recovered from our Halloween hangover—in the sense that I feel like we celebrated every day for four days straight. (And yes, I applied my David Bowie makeup four times.) We finally put the costumes and decorations away last night. Now if I could only say the same about the candy…

Finally—turning the page on Halloween this year means it’s time to focus (like, laser-focus) on getting out the vote! Every seat in the House is up for grabs, as are 35 Senate seats and 36 governorships! Vote to protect democracy! Every vote matters, but if you’re in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, or Wisconsin, you should know that those races’ outcomes could decide it! Other tight races are Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and Florida. But none of us can afford to sit this out. The polls have been wrong before! And the stakes are VERY high.

Here are just a few links to add this week: 

Worth a watch: The three possible outcomes of the Midterm elections.

(Also, the nine races that might decide it.)

“WHAT THE HELL ELSE HAS TO HAPPEN FOR YOU TO GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND VOTE?” Funny, not funny. Be sure to get to the footnote.

Watch David Attenborough’s plea at the end of Frozen Planet 2.

A reader sent me this Lindy West newsletter describing all of the problems with Sixteen Candles and it’s such a good—disturbing—read. I used to love that movie! Aron and I once listened to West’s book, Sh*t Actually, on a road trip and her movie reviews are so good.

Spotted this very cute wooden-box advent calendar on West Elm. Reminds me: I’m starting to draft ideas for our advent calendar activities. Here’s my general scheme for it.

Sorry for the short list this week! Have a great weekend!

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