Have a wonderful weekend! (& Friday Links)

This might be too cliché to say, but man is October flying by! And believe it or not, I just started penciling in some things for our holiday advent calendar, because that is going to come even faster.

These past few days have been a lot of fun: we took the kids back to Apple Hill on Wednesday afternoon, and yesterday and today were both classroom volunteer days for me—I got to play with clay with kindergartners and third graders. (Wow, what a difference those few years makes.) Tonight, Aron and I are going to a work-thing for him. And then Saturday… We got word on Wednesday that we’re hosting appetizers at our house for our school’s progressive dinner this Saturday, so we’re looking forward to that—but also ramping up our clean-house efforts big time! I think about 40 people might be coming by.

What do you have planned this weekend? Hope you enjoy it!

Now, some links of note… 

This is how those pizza commercials are made? Whoah. (And more food styling hacks—some of these blew my mind.)

Saving this to my Halloween pinboard. The cutest!

Have heard good things about Rolla’s denim—a well-priced Australian brand. Curious to try the wide-leg, and love the sherpa jacket.

Speaking of new-to-me brands, spotted this dress on Jordan’s post and love all the prints from Bl-nk.

I cannot wait for this!

Elizabeth Warren’s brilliant answer to a question about same-sex marriage.

Should I be watching Succession? Are you? I feel like it’s popping up everywhere lately!

These are incredible!! I’d love to try this myself and I might need to let the kids get at it with a sheet cake one day. (via A Cup of Jo)

Daily Affirmations. Oh my—as he clutches his banana, no less.

The Urban Renewal line at Urban Outfitters can be really good, and all of the store’s sale items are an additional 40% off this weekend—so, these throws and this parka.

Folk pop, it turns out, is one of my favorite genres lately. (But I also just love folk.)

And on the subject of music, Willie Nelson is touring nearby and I’m so sorry to miss it. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Here’s a great one of him with his son, Lukas, who you might recognize from A Star is Born.

This is on my to-read list for this weekend. Really interested in these ideas.

The family-dinner dilemma.

California has been cutting power to prevent fires during high winds. There have been a lot of interesting (and some grave) consequences.

A sleeping Octopus. Incredible!

Finally, if you like watching nature scenes, you might enjoy this armchair travel—from the archives.

[Photo from a recent weekend trip to the Russian River, to check out the new site for River Electric by Shelter Co.. (First link goes to more photos.)]

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