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On Sunday morning, I was snuggling in bed with Skyler and tracing her perfectly smooth skin from the tip of her nose to the apples of her cheeks. She did the same to me, noting my “smile lines,” and then said “one day, when I’m a grown up, I’ll get to have them, too.” What a wonderful dose of perspective: first, aging is a privilege. And second, my daughter thinks I’m beautiful, wrinkles and all! What’s better than that?

I’ve been trying to incorporate more of that perspective in my media diet lately. I enjoy following fashion and trends and so my Instagram feed naturally gets filled with faces and bodies that are much younger than mine. But I also really appreciate seeing how those interests play out at different stages of life, for women who are older than I am. I’ve been especially inspired by (i.e. totally fan-girling for) Wendy Euler lately. The founder and writer of the blog, Goodbye Crop Top, says “50 is the new 50,” and writes about the confidence of being okay with the age you’re at, and the power of being the best you can be at every age. I love her positivity but also her honesty about challenging herself—from lifting more weights to taking surf lessons—and… well, she looks amazing…

Who is inspiring you on Instagram lately?

For my part, I’m inspired to find more women like Wendy, who celebrate aging and are kicking arse doing it, but I’d love to give my entire feed a healthy shake-up!

P.S. A simple recipe for healthy skin, and six Audiobooks to inspire you.

[Photos of Wendy Euler via her Instagram and website, Goodbye Crop Top]

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