Travel Pants and Springtime Joggers

Happy first day of spring! As the temperatures rise, it’s rare that I’ll wear shorts. I’d much prefer to throw on a pair of casual pants—the sort modeled on joggers or track trousers, only in a lighter fabric.

A black pair of track trousers from Madewell has been my go-to for many years now: they’re cool enough to wear all day, keep bare legs from sticking to carseats (or to each other), and lend coverage for sightseeing at churches and temples. Aron knows them as my “travel pants” because they tend to come on every trip. The shop seems to carry some iteration of them every year—this year they come with a cuff instead of a split at the ankle. Still, I’m always on the lookout for similarly comfortable alternatives come springtime. I know a good find will get plenty of use.

Here are some options I’ve found so far… 

Anthropologie has an extensive selection if you type “joggers” into the search field. I like these linen striped pants,  easy joggers, and the overdyed joggers (all pictured above).

These khaki dockside pants look appropriately beach-y.

Gap has a pair that comes in black, pink, or olive. I always think the olive is a versatile option.

One of my favorite local brands, Mollusk, makes two good options, a looser style called the “beach pant” and a slimmer “laleh pant.”

Finally, the ankle length of these cotton linen ones has me intrigued (the 3/4-cut sounds too short). So many color choices.

Do you have one clothing item that you tend to pack on every trip? 

P.S. Travel photos from Bali and Thailand (with Hudson, five years apart). Also, my favorite ever was when I found a pair with zippers on the side pockets that kept my phone from slipping out. Alas, they’re no more. Anyone spotted any?

[Lead Image via Madewell: Caracas Cover-Up Pants]

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