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Discocubes marigold spheres

The ice cubes over on Discocubes are stunning! These spheres feel like they sum up the current mood around here especially well: frozen spring. Everything is in bloom but we’re all in countdown mode to warm, sunny days as winter persists. In good seasonal news, just a few more days until the sun sets after 7pm! And Davis Picnics-in-the-Park were just announced as returning! And summer camp sign-up anxiety has hit, so that means summer is still coming… So I should just try to enjoy all this rain (the “atmospheric rivers”) on behalf of our state, right?

This weekend holds plans for a Little League Crab Feed and an Oscars watch party. Will you be tuning in this year? Here’s some fun trivia from NPR about the broadcast: “The first Oscars lasted 15 minutes — plus other surprises from 95 years of awards.” And a printable ballot. Enjoy!

 1992: What a year for music.

This is a beautiful little glass lamp. Looks like it would give off a nice glow. Urban Outfitters has some great lighting options.

Can’t stomach this price tag, but I need a pillow like this. Any other recs for side-sleepers who love down pillows?

I’ve learned that I really like a cropped rash guard. This one is pretty.

Speaking of swimwear, it’s that time again. I tend to forget about Boden, but they also have a great section—if a bit more of a Euro (vs tropical) vibe. (This cap-sleeve would look cute with just shorts or a skirt coverup. Also really into bandeau style bikini tops lately.)

Jenny’s The Weekday Vegetarians‘ tofu recipe is the best tofu recipe. I could just snack on this! Here’s her food stylist making it.

Cute little Strawberry vase!

Aron and I went to The Progress in San Francisco last week and had a great meal. This pig’s head dish would never have been on my radar but was amazing!! I think you might be able to get a similar effect by using any sort of fatty charcuterie over a bed of fennel and mint with plenty of fish sauce. There were some sliced nectarines, too. So good!

Also on the food front, I’m interested in trying oven-fried jarred artichokes.

Anyone started watching Daisy Jones & The Six?

Who are you turning to for family travel guidance these days? I feel like so many of the travel sites I usually go to are so youth/design/couple targeted lately. But the family travel sites tend to focus on travel with really little kids. I’d love some new recs!


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