Current plans (& Friday Links)

Any fun plans for the weekend? We’re heading back up to Tahoe for some more skiing, and crossing our fingers that we don’t get stuck in multi-hour traffic again. The three-day-weekend ended with a brutal 7-hour drive (usually it’s only 2-3 hours). Also, currently…

Kondo-ing my closet, but trying to figure out how to balance what sparks joy right now against what I might miss later. (Like that jumpsuit in the above photo, which I sort of miss now that I spotted this Topshop denim one.)

Ending my free Physique57 trial and starting the Peloton free trial in my search for my favorite digital home workout.

Thinking ahead to next weekend when we’re hosting an chef-prepared, all adult-dinner we went in on with friends at an auction, and then quickly switching modes to host a gaggle of preschoolers for Skyler’s birthday party the next morning! (She’s turning 5! Here was her 4th birthday.)

And finding some links of note to share…

Speaking of Maine, you can only get into this restaurant in Freedom, Maine, if you send a reservation request by snail-mail. (At least that was the case for 2018—it looks like they might be announcing a new process soon!)

Netflix doesn’t just offer personalized viewing suggestions. It offers personalized visuals! (i.e. My thumbnail for Clueless might be different from yours!)

Ever wondered if that crosswalk button really works? (It probably doesn’t.)

This British garden birds book looks so lovely! I’d like one for California garden birds to share with the kids.

The best cold-weather tights? Warm, affordable, and don’t easily run.

I’m bookmarking this. So you don’t lose the screws etcetera when you’re building or assembling furniture.

A click-pen for your brows. You get two brow shades, a lighter shade to trace an edge, and a highlighter for your brow bone—all with a dose of nostalgia!

I have a swingy, lightweight black jacket like this, and it is great for throwing over dresses. Love the collarless cutaway.

Makes me want to stir some soup on the stove tonight!

Also: get in ma’ belly.

Swimming with the largest great white shark (that we know of).

These are the actors we bumped into in the elevator in Albuquerque! The wrap party was in the hotel, but I recognized them from Bunheads!

Which Fyre Festival Doc should you watch? Hulu v. Netflix

We pass through this charming old town every time we drive up to Tahoe!

I think I’d like to be wearing this cozy sweatshirt right now.

I asked for recommendations for printing out old blog posts into a book, and Jessica Brown pointed me to Blog2Print. Going to give it a try!

So many cute pajamas!

Not very reassuring

Watching women run for president.

An imagined threat.

A powerful take on the white, male, teenage smirk seen ’round the world.

I finally saw the legendary, best-selling “the Amazon puffer” IRL last weekend, and it did look really good. (P.S. It has its own IG account.)

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