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This week’s theme has been “distance learning.” This is the first week of it for us and all of the WebEx meetings and Google Classroom mazes are definitely taking some getting used to. I thought this image of our six-year-old clutching her stuffy, “Stripey,” getting a lift from a makeshift booster seat, and watching her kinder friends and teacher (and her own face in a box) for the first time captured the mood. Not pictured: mom sitting to the side tearing up when the kids talked about their feelings.

Hope everyone is well. Some links of note… 

Sharing this on behalf of our teachers.

Another great Hamilton parody to come out of quarantine—this time from a family in Davis!

A lot of recs lately for Conan O’Brian Needs a Friend. Have you listened? There’s a Judd Apatow episode I might start with since I really enjoyed the conversation with him on Armchair Expert.

I was binging the first season of Sex & The City (on DVD) in September of 2001, so I have a definite comfort association with the show. Here are five shows to binge in its place.

With all the sharing, I’ve been bookmarking Alison Roman recipes from Instagram (I don’t yet have her book). I’m interested to listen to this interview.

Setting the schedule you want for yourself.

How much sustained attention should we expect from kids? One possible scenario. 

Apt for a time when we are all baking bread, Bill Buford has written about his apprenticeship in Lyon. (He has a new book releasing! I absolutely loved Among the Thugs and Heat.)

Wit & Delight recommended this podcast (in general), and since I’m a sucker for The Godfather, I might start with this episode.

And speaking of podcasts: Some favorites for kids. (& this Brains On episode was helpful for talking about why we aren’t going back to school right now.)

Instagram keeps advertising this to me, and I’m really interested in trying it.

“The Universe in Verse” on April 25th.

Fiona Apple released her first album in 8 years.

“I don’t want to be the strong female lead.” An interesting read.

What are epidemiologists learning? 

European leaders are approaching exit strategies.

“He has no new moves.”

The actual most-dangerous politician in America.

So nice to hear from him again. Did you watch Obama’s statement about Joe Biden?

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