Secret messages (A giveaway & Friday Links)

What are your plans for the weekend? We’re all looking forward to seeing family—Aron’s sister and her two boys, the kids’ cousins—are flying in from Germany today! I’ll be picking Hudson up from his first overnight at camp (just one night) and have been told to expect him hungry, grumpy, and tired—but very happy—so I know having his cousins around will give him a much-needed energy boost. We’re also going to drive out to the Capay Valley to our friends’ farm for the Capay Organic Tomato Festival. It’s supposed to hit 107 degrees, so we may need to pack some spray bottles with ice water.

We will also be watching the news of the fires in Redding and Yosemite closely and hoping for some relief for our local friends and firefighters. Aron and I have been sadly remarking at the new normal of watching beloved land in California go up in flames all summer. One feels so helpless, and the forecasted temperatures aren’t helping.

In better news, that photo up there is one I asked Aron to take of my bracelets to announce a giveaway on Instagram! I’ve been in love with COATT morse coded jewelry ever since I first discovered the designs, almost nine years ago. They’re such a subtle and delicate way of wearing a little note on your wrist. Rebecca, the designer, was one of the first artisans I corresponded with when I was just starting out with the blog, and we’ve kept in touch over the years. I’m thrilled that she has offered to give away three of her beautiful, custom bracelets to three winners!

For a chance to win one COATT 14-karat solid gold and silk-cord bracelet with your chosen name, initials, or word, click over to the photo on Instagram and follow the three steps! Giveaway ends Friday, August 3, 6pm PST! (I’m curious: My dots and dashes read Aron, Skyler, and Hudson. What would yours read?)

And thank you for so many nice comments on the first travelogue from Italy! I really appreciated it, and hope to finish the rest soon.

Enjoy the weekend! Some links of note… 

Color Factory is coming to New York! (Here are my photos from the San Francisco debut)

Another reason to book my cross-country flight back there. Can’t wait to use this list as a personal guide.

How individual actions can add up. Reminder to use less, recycle more.

This pregnancy post reminded me of how much I still appreciate reading those longer, personal blog post entries.

Fascinating look at how GOOP’s haters turned into profit.

How to tie a head scarf like Bridget. Goals.

Homemade barbecue sauce. (Not on my Keto list right now, but eventually.)

Went to Target yesterday and wanted the entire Cat & Jack playline for girls in my size.

(P.S. They had a yellow dress that looked just like this one—which I get a lot of questions about—but I wasn’t able to find it online yet.)

How to help a teen be college-ready.

I had no idea Nordstrom sold rugs. There are some fantastic ones included in the Anniversary sale right now. I like these neutrals: 1, 2; and this bright one: 3.

This article is in my to-read tab section.

So cute! Thanks, SwissMiss.

Jonathan Gold’s recommendations were our key to Los Angeles when we lived there. They opened up the city to us! He will be missed.

Remember the bookclub picks? We started with Homegoing, and thank you! You were so right. It was wonderful.

And let’s not let up on this fight to reunite children with their parents. The deadline may have passed, but there are still so many waiting. These are the conditions they are in.

[Pictured: Bracelets: COATT/Top: Abercrombie & Fitch All-Over Lace]


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