A visit to the Color Factory

I got an early look at San Francisco’s new pop-up art experience yesterday, Color Factory. A nostalgic, immersive delight, Color Factory is the 12,000 square-foot-creation of Oh Happy Day‘s Jordan Ferney and co-collaborators artist Leah Rosenberg and graphic designer-illustrator Erin Jang. You can’t miss it if you happen to stroll up Sutter Street downtown. Tickets are on sale now and it opens August 1st. I’d suggest bringing a child and seeing it through their eyes, too.

Some highlights…

…include a wall of scratch-and-sniff memories, a giant ball pit to wade through, and other experiences that would be befitting of a story, with a protagonist the likes of Charlie.

My favorite rooms were the orange and purple ones, which made more explicit social statements. In the purple room, artist Tom Stayte has set up a printer that litters the floor with selfies, as they are being taken and tagged in real time. In the orange room, the hue was examined for its analogies to black culture by Oakland-based artist, Tosha Stimage.

If you happen to find your way there this summer, be sure to pick up a copy of the neighborhood map with 17 specially curated stops outside of the museum, too.

P.S. Think Pink.

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