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There’s some big news in my life—I’m still sort of processing it! I’ve found someone to be the new Editor of The Dirt! The Davis Publication I took over in 2019, and re-launched this December, has a new owner. I’m really happy about the transition! My goal was to build it into a magazine-like-newspaper that supported the arts and local community, that brought people out to local events and businesses, and which could support itself through advertisers and sponsors and then find someone to carry it on—and I feel like it’s in really good hands!

I’m really proud of the work that went into it (so much work)—I got to design it completely from the branding to the website, to laying out and printing, and even delivering and it has all been an awesome experience (even when the pandemic threatened to bring it all down). But now I’m also looking forward to being on the other side and reading it with the rest of the community to find out what’s happening in town!

As seems to always happen whenever there’s some big life change, I of course got sick earlier this week, but now that I’m recovered I feel so motivated to get back into my healthier (i.e. Less computer-heavy) routines of walking and enjoying the onset of spring. Which, if you’re in California, feels like it’s alternately here and a million years off! These storms have been wild. Have you seen the photos of Yosemite? The park is closed indefinitely as 15-feet of snow buried roads and walkways. Hoping everyone stays safe as this next storm rolls through this weekend!

I just finished reading (listening to) Spare. Can’t wait to discuss it at bookclub. I’m simultaneously watching the last season of The Crown, so the two make for an interesting pair. Have you read it? Thoughts? In trying to think about what to extrapolate besides just thoughts on Harry and the monarchy, I’m left with broader questions about how family-reckonings ever really happen and what moving forward can look like if you do or do not get apologies for perceived wrongs. I think that his wish for some sort of understanding or apology—if he could just explain his side— seems unlikely to come true considering he was just asked to vacate a home, but that wish is the more interesting thing perhaps.

Some links of note… 

Just in case you were tempted, the National Park Service made it official: “If you come across a bear, never push a slower friend down…even if you feel the friendship has run its course.⁣⁣” Darn.

Hasan Minhaj is the guest host on The Daily Show right now. I listen to the podcast occasionally and really enjoyed this excerpt with the Fox News story. (Did you know? Minhaj was a Davis kid!)

This Joan Rivers & Mr. Rogers clip just gets me every time! #tears

No link, but I brought in a ton of denim to the tailor and got some hems re-done with the original hem… it was like getting a bunch of new clothes! I’m so excited! People in fashion magazines always sing the praises of a good tailor. I’m going to try to make this more of a thing in an effort to shop my closet.

However, I did do some shopping of late: Those pants from last week? I ordered them in navy and they’re perfect! They’re 88% recycled polyester, so I feel like they’ll hold their shape. Size down. Going to be my summer travel pants.

I’m getting ads for Bare Hands manicures nonstop! Is my iPhone looking at my cuticles?! Took a cue and started using some less fancy oil! It’s working. Thanks, IG?

“Are we still asking women whether or not they’re pregnant?” Good rhetorical question.

Vox does a great job with its explainer videos. This one’s on inflation.

We took the kids to the SF Exploratorium and Scott Weaver’s toothpick sculpture, “Rolling through the Bay” is incredible. P.S. The Website I grabbed the link from—the kids should see this—is a treasure, too!

On my to-read list this weekend. Also, this article. And this one on blogging. (But can’t vouch for them yet.)

Frog housing via Swiss Miss. (Makes me think of our Davis Toad Tunnel.)

Love this—niche IG posts on how much some photographers make. It’s so helpful to know about pricing when you’re in a freemarket/creative career.

Got an orange-ier tone of cream blush to will on those sunny days—called All of Me. I love it! Super natural looking flush for me.

Have a great weekend!


[Photos: Top, Adding events from the new issue, announcing a new editor, to my calendar! Bottom, The March 2020 issue, when The Dirt got its new logo and look. I ate so much cake that week!]

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