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It is feeling particularly spring-like today, and our friend’s little girl mentioned that Phil must have been wrong. Her mom was a little puzzled at first but then realized she was talking about Punxsutawney Phil. I looked it up and apparently he has only gotten it right about 40% of the time. It’s a little scary to think ahead to the end of summer—”fire season” as we have sadly come to know it. We need more rain! But it sure is lovely right now. The almond blossoms are all blooming in the fields and neighbors’ front yards are filling with golden poppies and pink magnolias. I got inspired to do some pruning and have euphorbia-rash on my wrists to prove it.

Feeling the warm weather coming, I got inspired to cut my hair short. It’s been a fun change this week.

Another fun change this week: our school district just voted to lift the masking for kids when they’re outside. I’m looking forward to seeing more smiling kids around town again, soon. And I’m feeling optimistic when looking ahead to travel plans. We just purchased tickets to Barcelona for June! I’d love any recommendations for the Costa Brava.

A shift as Covid case numbers get lower is perceptible around town, and I’ve started to see more notices about events being rescheduled. The events calendar I publish has been in a sort of hibernation mode since March 2020, so I wonder if it makes sense to bring back the print.

Some things to think about over the long weekend, I suppose!

Hope you enjoy the weekend… 

“I won’t fall … maybe I will … that’s okay … cause we all fall.” So cute!

My friend made this boxed Betty Crocker pound cake and increased the butter to a full stick. It was delicious with whipped cream and berries.

The siren-song of sharing links...

I’ve mentioned before how much I’m enjoying the podcast Everything is Fine: this was a great episode with Peggy Orenstein, the author of Girls and Sex and Boys and Sex. I also feel like the episode “Ambient Bummer” felt very in keeping with all of the conversations I’ve been having with friends, lately.

On my to-read list:  Several studies have found that people can meaningfully change their personalities, sometimes within a few weeks, by behaving like the sort of person they want to be.

So stressful!! Watching planes land in 75mph winds.

Paris announces a car-free zone for 2024.

Simple Proof’s beautiful front-yard vegetable garden.

I’m starting to look at our swimsuits and thinking ahead to warm weather. This is one of my favorite rash-guards. (Tip: size down—it stretches a bit.)

Pre-pandemic, I was loving Nuuly for renting clothes rather than buying (see this post about trying it), but then I stopped going anywhere. I’m thinking of trying Rent the Runway this time. Reviews?

Such a lovely home—full of personal touches.

An awesome Ikea Hack using pole wrap (featured on EHD).

Has anyone tried the denim from Massimo Dutti? Intrigued by the 100% cotton at a good price. (This pair looks good, too.)

A recreation of Vesuvius erupting and Pompeii’s last day with computer-generated imagery.

An always-good source of inspiration for crafting with kids.

Apparently the secret to movie-taste popcorn.

I love Elvis and I generally love Baz Luhrmann movies… so will this be good? I can’t tell yet.

[Photos from my Cadaqués travelogue, 2019]

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