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Heading into Skyler’s birthday and looking forward to soaking in all of her excitement for number 8!

Here’s a few links for the weekend… 

NPR’s recent story on the debate over masking at school.

Related: I really appreciated the graphics in this Advocacy Toolkit presented by a group of epidemiologists and pediatricians. (Last updated 2-2-22)

“Everybody needs to give each other a little bit of grace.” On the balance between school as education and childcare.

I recently saw a recommendation for GoZen! programs about helping kids thrive by transforming their worry and other tough emotions into skills of resilience.

Starbucks is a bank that sells coffee.

Apparently the lower half of this sheet mask fits perfectly hidden under a mask and would be great on an airplane or to ward off mask-ne.

This characterization was tailor-made to make me eager to see it: “The Worst Person in the World Is Like Fleabag Meets a Sally Rooney Novel.

An 8 year old’s handwritten book goes into circulation!

Party Down is coming back! The show aired from 2009 to 2010.

Amanda Gorman is coming to Sesame Street!

Ecuador has designated an additional 23,000 square-miles of protected waters to expand the reserve and protect migratory routes.

Close friends know that I have had pipe dreams of writing a book about Truffles. So it’s bittersweet to see this recommended.

I believe I’ve discovered the secret to reheating rotisserie chicken: rub an ample pat of this pre-browned butter on it!

From the archive: Easy Valentine’s day cards for kids to exchange.

[Beautiful lace top from Sezane]

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