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Chinese New Year San Francisco

What are you looking forward to this weekend? We are having dinner with some neighbor friends tonight. Early in the pandemic, Skyler made a friend over our back fence and it has led to many more neighborhood playdates—a silver lining to all of this. Hudson is playing basketball for the first time and has his second game tomorrow. Skyler is thinking ahead to the dance party she has planned for her birthday and will be listening to the Encanto soundtrack a few dozen more times (I don’t blame her).

Meanwhile, my computer tabs situation is out of control with ideas for summer (believe it or not, the summer camp registrations are already starting to pop up so we need to think about our schedule), a few holiday returns I still have to make, and flooring samples. Some of you might recall that our cork was damaged last spring and we’re still trying to figure out whether to replace it with cork or something new. I’m very interested in Terrazzo, but haven’t found any local installers to talk to about it. I’m also curious about concrete versus epoxy in that regard. Does anyone have any experience?

Another category of tabs is pillows that promise to have you sleeping on your back. I’m going to have my deviated septum fixed this spring and am nervous about the sleeping situation afterward. Has anyone had that surgery who would want to tell me more about their recovery experience? Anyone find one of those pillows that actually worked?

Ultimately, the tabs situation is also a by-product of my feeling more lazy about getting out and walking this week. I put on my stretchy pants and sports bra every morning this week with the best of intentions and just haven’t been able to motivate. I really need to get back in the habit. Maybe I need to refresh my podcast list. Any new favorites?

Happy (almost) Lunar New Year to those who celebrate!

Some links to share from all of those open tabs… 

Regarding my situation: The season of tabs.

But. Speaking of pillows… Gel Pillows? Apartment Therapy says these have “just the right level of plushness, and even regulate your temperature throughout the night.” I love a cold pillow. They’re 50% off with the coupon. Intrigued.

Skyler loves Wendy Mac (we all do) and I’m happy to see her getting recognition for her programming during the early days of the pandemic. She’s talented, generous, and just seems like an incredible human. I am eternally grateful. She and Mac Barnett both were virtual supports when school was closed.

Rediscovered the Tiny Atlas IG feed the other day and was reminded what a travel inspiration founder Emily Nathan is. She has a new book on pre-order. Her underwater iPhone photos have prompted me to covet this iPhone housing.

The Cup of Jo reader meetups thread is incredible!

I usually use dry shampoo for reviving my hair but if you have curly hair that doesn’t always help. Instead, this mist bottle is apparently magic.

Such beautiful ways to repurpose old jewelry and heirlooms.

One for the books…  (at the bottom of the ocean—eek!)

Always looking for the perfect chambray shirt. This or this?

I want to taste this!

CityLab: How the Dutch Delivered a Traffic Safety Revolution. via Kottke: The safety of Dutch and US streets in the 70s was roughly the same but “by 2019, the fatality rate in the Netherlands had plummeted to 34 per million, 70% lower than that in the U.S.”

Template rulers that Hudson would love. Via SwissMiss

Beam me to the French Riviera.

A really good The Daily episode with a temperature check (wink?) on Covid in America.

I’d like to try making some of my own dukkah soon. So good over eggs and a thick Greek yogurt.

Cute: Glo Pals for bathtime.

Feels very Ali MacGraw circa Love Story.

[Photo from a celebration in San Francisco, 2015]

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