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Looking forward to a weekend of mundane January pleasures—purging, organizing, clearing the decks—at home. Aron is on call, so we’ll be taking some cold walks around town and, maybe, watching a movie or two. How about you?

Some links of note…

Seven things everyone should know about the disastrous wildfires in Australia.

This clip of a woman rescuing a koala is inspirational and heartbreaking.

Ways to help.

Trying to get the backstory on the drone strike that killed Suleimani.

And on the missile that brought down a plane killing 63 Canadians.

I couldn’t wait to share this with my family. How incredible! Stella the Talking Dog.

Saw someone recommend this stunning bathingsuit on Mother Mag. I just need to find the less expensive version before summer. (Shopbop is having a huge sale on other styles, though.)

I keep meaning to go get the print issue. Everything Sarah touches is pure gold.

She featured some paintings by Jen Garrido, which I love.

Ordered! Dior’s just-launched Lip Glow Oil. All of the Glow line is so good.

Joanna just shared an update on Julia Leach’s apartment—all the books! that light! I had bookmarked her living room many times, years back, and I love seeing that her furniture has remained in place—a mark of classic pieces vs trends. (Also, if you look at the P.S. in the living room link, you might see someone familiar.)

Did you see the insanity that is Kim Kardashian’s walk-in-fridge?

On the subject of inside peeks, this carpool karaoke with Billie Eilish is so charming!

Larry David’s fashion theory. Do you subscribe? I definitely notice that everyone 10-or-more-years younger than me eschews mixing fancy shoes with a fancy dress—it feels fresher.

The high cost of having a baby in America.

So many people have recommended this cookbook to me. Are you using it?

All of Moira Rose’s Schitt’s Creek wigs.

This tweet is amazing. Thanks, DesignMom.

She also shared this. I grew up in Long Beach—LA County—and this brought back memories of trying to use the Thomas Guide maps while driving. Nightmare!

Finally—this was fun! What other new things should I try (and then post about)? My friend suggested magnetic lashes. Say what?

[Photo of Casa Mollino detail, by Marina Denisova for Cereal Magazine]


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