Light Therapy, Neon Boneyards & Friday Links

I was feeling so grumpy earlier this week, and then suddenly the sun briefly burst through the clouds and the difference was so striking! I felt instantly better. I never think of myself as someone with much seasonal affect, but perhaps it’s because it’s usually not this grey for this long in California. I’m so ready for the sunshine to return for a longer stay. It made me curious to give one of those light therapy lights a try.

In the meantime, I’m appreciating all the spring blooms that are starting to appear (the Almond trees are blooming!) and plotting getaways to sunny places.

Some links of note… 

The photo above is from my visit to The Neon Boneyard, in Las Vegas, where a new iconic acquisition was just lit up this past Monday, and where Tim Burton will be hosting an art show later this year.

This article about the psychology of Japanese train stations is so fascinating! (Relevant to the effect of light on moods, too—which is used to prevent suicides at stations! Whoah.)

Queen Elizabeth is on Instagram. It’s a new era.

I appreciate hearing politicians talk about changing their minds. It isn’t so unreasonable to expect, is it?

Beauty editors on getting rid of acne. (Here’s my go-to.)

Also, I’ve been swiping this on lately and loving it.

If you aren’t into making your own chai tea, I’ve heard raves about this mix.

Etsy is now offsetting its carbon emissions from shipping.

Saving a pudgy little sewer rat. (Who should definitely be called Gus, Gus.)

I’d like to try this chicken recipe, with cracked coriander.

Catastrophe season four is out! And Better Things, season three!!

Also, we’ve been watching Workin’ Moms lately. Have you seen it?

After last week’s post on CBD, this made me laugh: “Is there anything that CBD can’t do? This is exactly the sort of well-researched and rigorous dialogue we hoped to have here. The answer is, of course, no.”

This trip to Mendocino looks heavenly!

On the value of a “work wife.”

We went to listen to investigative journalist Jodi Kantor at the Mondavi Center earlier this week, and she was so inspiring.

Eyeing this half-moon fanny pack

Goes-with-everything D’Orsay flats for spring. (But an aside: I wish companies would stop using “nude” to describe this color, when true nude can be so many colors.)

Last night, our bookclub met to discuss Becoming—which was wonderful. This month, I’m finally going to read this. What are you reading lately?

P.S. This week: A new series, What Keeps You Up at Night? A new line of (pretty) electric toothbrushes for kids. Use to get your first refill heads free. A new travelogue (a weekend in San Francisco with kids). And the before/after from my first eyebrow appointment.


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