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These news cycles… are they even cycles? Or just dots? I can’t keep up!

National stage aside, we’re watching another fire take its toll on surrounding communities in Napa and Sonoma and feeling its effects in the manner of more poor air. It’s hard to keep spirits up: mornings of zoom class are followed by afternoons and evenings inside, and I’m afraid even Cosmic Kids Yoga isn’t cutting it anymore. It reminds me of the earliest days of quarantine, only I’m not sure I have the same zeal for board games and puzzles right now. I read this about burnout and realized I have reached my surge capacity.

Still, I’m glad it’s the weekend! Aron will be home and maybe we’ll find a patch of good air on the map and try to drive there for a day trip. (Womp-womp.) Fingers crossed.

Okay, a little late but here are (many, many) links of note… 

Big surprise or least surprising? Trump and Melania have tested positive for Covid-19. Here’s a recap of where we are… What happens when there is no one left to tell us the truth?

(Also, does this mean SNL is rewriting their cold open right now? It’s back tomorrow—here’s a preview.)

I liked Amber Ruffin’s well-wishes for recovery. Feels very relatable to the loop in my head versus the words from my mouth.

Related: Single Largest Driver’ of Coronavirus Misinformation (To which I’ll add: I’m curious about this release on Hulu.)

The best and worst moments of the first debate. Wait, was that also this week?

“The troubled son living in the indelible shadow of a departed war hero,” and the father who loves him.

Was it also just this week that we learned about his taxes?  On that topic, this episode of The Daily was such a revealing listen and a great re-cap.

The Amazon has seen our future. Especially relevant over here on the West Coast right now.

More tapes.This time of Melania.

Fascinated by this episode of Reply All on the origin of QAnon—with a theory on who Q may be.

Esquire interviews Dan F’ing Rather. 😉 It’s a really good read.

Still on my to-read list: This article in The Atlantic about K, the dispersion rate, being a possibly overlooked factor. A small percent of people are responsible for all of the infections.

(Actually, I need to become an Atlantic subscriber, because I want to read this, too!)

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend share their grief.

The most incredible pie designs, about to be published in Pieomotry.

Eeek! I loved Roald Dahl’s The Witches when I was growing up. Still waiting to show the kids the first movie with the brilliant Anjelica Huston. And now there’s a new one!

Lovely abstract prints.

All the heart eyes: The shots of this Neutra home in the Anthro lookbook are gorgeous!

Mocktails I’d like to try.

On my to-watch list: Father of the Bride part 3 (ish) and Emily in Paris

Related: I see I’m not the only one who is interested in Emily’s IPhone case.

Blazer-like coat. It’s 90 degrees here in October, and yet I’ve Wishlisted it.

The Notorious Necklace will be sold for $98 with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the International Center for Research on Women, an organization that honored RBG with its Champions for Change award in 2016.

Made me laugh.

Craving: Honeygraham Hasselback Apples

Some of my favorite Halloween posts and costume ideas, in case you’re still looking to celebrate.

P.S. Do you have a plan to vote? Follow the link to check on registration status and learn more by state.

[Photo from a day trip to Half Moon Bay and the San Mateo Coast one past October]

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