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Still lots of alarm bells ringing around here. Some links in case you need to hear them, too…

No justice. No charges brought against the officers who shot Breonna Taylor. “The grand jury believed that the shots he fired had endangered three people in an apartment next to Ms. Taylor’s.” [emphasis mine]

Our kids are always asking us to take pictures of bugs etcetera and submit them to iNaturalist. Here’s a rec for their app, Seek.

“Trump is trying to delegitimize a Presidential election. He is doing it in plain sight, and he is dragging the Supreme Court into the mire with him.” Here’s a list of the times he’s warned us he won’t promise to peacefully leave. AND what happens next?

“Personally, it’s like watching the decline of the Roman Empire.”

Could masks be working like a vaccine? (Small viral loads to increase asymptomatic carriers.)

While America took $1 billion that was allocated for covid testing and then re-routed it to the military, Finland trained dogs to sniff out covid with near 100% accuracy in seconds. (Via Design Mom)

Amidst talk of students learning less about slavery (!), an argument for using more accurate language.

Chilling. (Irony of the expression recognized.)

Will the Supreme Court always look the way it does now?

A PDF for RBG paper collars.

Made me laugh: I Appreciate your concern but…

Do you have a meal-planning template? Aron and I have talked about trying one out.

Just started watching The Social Dilemma. I feel like I understand how these platforms work and it’s still eye-opening so far.

Harold Evans just died at the ageof 92. I’d love to read his memoir. Adam Gopnik penned a nice tribute in The New Yorker.

I’m reading book #2 of Mac Barnett’s Spy books to kids right now. We all love these!

Where was Leanne Ford when my kids were babies?! Love this collection.

Abby Clawson Low always uses IKEA in inspiring ways.

5 safe alternatives to trick-or-treating this year

Hermés refillable lipstick cases

Love a good chore coat. Perfect for in-between weather. I’m eyeing the white canvasPink is cute, too. (Although I like this cozier washed denim trucker jacket, too.)

Amber Lewis has a new collection with Anthropologie! I especially like the mugs and serving bowl.

A friend told me about a Bay Area children’s theater called The Rabbit Hole that has created “Theater in a Box.”

VOTE! Use this tool to verify if you are registered. If not, check out your state’s online registration process and REGISTER HERE.

[Photo from a past visit to Apple Hill]

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