Baked Wings for Superbowl Sunday (& Friday Links)

Superbowl baked crispy wings

I thought about titling this “What Time is the Super Bowl?” after reading this Kottke article on Google searches, but I’d probably have to look it up myself first. In all honesty, I don’t watch football (and now can chalk it up to more than just a lack of understanding of the rules), but I do enjoy all that comes with this one particular gathering—like the recipes for new takes on 7-layer-dips and other party fare.

Case in point, Smitten Kitchen just published this recipe for Baked Buffalo Wings and we tried it ourselves (with a ginger-soy sauce instead) on Monday night and it was declared an instant classic. Basically, you just have to prep the night ahead by tossing the chicken in salt and baking powder and then do some flipping throughout the 50-minute roasting and you get tastes-like-fried chicken! We made the mistake of not using a rack between the aluminum foil and the chicken, which made for some sticking—but I just should have taken better note of the picture (see above) and used one. Highly recommended!

Of course, the Superbowl is actually the last thing on my mind… This weekend we’re hosting a group of friends for a charity dinner on Saturday night, and then throwing Skyler a birthday party (with Elsa!) on Sunday morning. And this afternoon, I’m going back to school to hear an old friend from college give a lecture in the Classics department—I’m excited to revisit my old haunts and listen in.

Finally, thank you so much for all of the kind words since my post about blogging for 10 years! It really did my heart some good, and the positive feedback was so encouraging. Thank you.

Enjoy the weekend! Some links of note… 

Tracking this year’s big Super Bowl commercials

Good stuff on The New Yorker Radio Hour

I’m excited to see this Beatles documentary

An absolutely devastating look at climate change

And assessing damage to pristine natural lands done during a government shutdown.

I would have never thought of this simple salad combination. Looks delicious!

One of the best-selling, best-reviewed Anthro dresses—in a new color! I want to try it on.

Speaking of dresses, I’m always on the lookout for great red dresses for vacations. This one, with adjustable straps, looks so good. Also, this one would pair perfectly with gelato and a passeggiata.

Starting to look at options for vacation: Love these one-piece bathing suits for little girls!

The family trip section in Wildness Travel is inspiration!

A guide to Instagram for parents

Rachael on starting to Homeschool

I feel like I’ve been hearing more about using insects as sources of protein. AgriProtein uses maggots.

One dad’s tip to appreciate your kids in the moment

Weezer’s cover album is making me smile

Beyblade battles are having a moment around here.

Haven’t read this yet, but Aron recommended it. On my to-read list. 

Are smartphones the new cigarettes? (Okay, we’ve heard it before, but…)

Related: One traveler’s vacation-mode social media ban.

If you liked that clear calendar but didn’t pull the trigger, here’s a DIY for a Plexi-Glass Calendar

And finally, more inspiration for Sunday afternoon games…

How to drink beer, or if you prefer, my Favorite non-alcoholic beers, and a Chili Station guide.


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