Scenes from Mother’s Day (& Friday Links)

How was everyone’s mother’s day? The kids ran in to wake me up around 8am, so excited about the things they’d made and the breakfast they’d set up outside. Our internet had been out for a few days, so just as we sat down the AT&T guy arrived, so he was there, too. Then, once everyone was dressed, we drove out into the Capay Valley for their mother’s day garden tour. It was such a beautiful day—which happened to be our wedding anniversary, too. I’ll include a few favorite photos below.

Today, I’m traveling with friends to North Carolina to see our friend who moved away and I can’t wait to catch up. She lives in Winston-Salem, which is a completely new destination for me. In the meantime, Aron and the kids get to enjoy some unusually rainy weather—and maybe even some more snow in the Sierras. And then, of course, I’ll make it back in time to watch the Game of Thrones finale with Aron. How are you feeling about this ending? I’ve actually tried not to talk about it too much, because I loved the show and I feel like I’m a bit of a killjoy about the plot this last season.

Until then, some links of note for you… 

What just happened in Alabama

Did Alabama’s Extremist Abortion Bill Ruin John Roberts’ Roe v Wade Plan?

Also, harrowing stories from pre Roe v Wade

Revoking press passes is a slippery slope to the end of free press

Another migrant child, a two-year-old, just died of pneumonia in our custody.

Unbelievable! Have you seen this video of the whale returning a dropped iPhone from the depths of the sea?

Apparently the whale may have been trained as a Russian spy.

How Uncle Jamie broke Jeopardy

Why is the cost of vanilla rising so sharply? It has to do with orchids that only bloom for one day a year. (Starts at 3:35 mark)

Setting fire-time boundaries as a paleolithic parent

Currently watching and loving, like everyone else, Dead to Me. Christina Applegate is amazing. If you haven’t seen it, watch out for spoilers.

Kim Kardashian gets fitted for her Met dress

Such a cute canvas jumpsuit. (P.S. I don’t have a link to my overalls, but these look similar.)

Gah! A new toy kitchen from Joanna Gaines

Fresh inspiration for my midday lunches

Have a nice weekend!

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