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Have a wonderful weekend! We’re looking forward to watching Hudson pitch some innings tonight at his game, going on a local hike (thinking we might head toward the coast), and having dinner with friends. I’ll also be looking for a new TV show to watch, as we’ve caught up on all of our favorites. Anything fresh to recommend?

Some links of note… 

Prince Philip has died at home at the age of 99. His life in pictures. (He and Queen Elizabeth were married for 74 years!)

La Soufriere has erupted. (A developing story.)

The Biggest Party of 2021?

The most important technological change in history.

Also, via Kottke: Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching Net Zero.

Dr. Katalin Kariko struggled for decades against a system unwilling to consider and fund her ideas about how messenger RNA could be used to instruct cells inside human bodies to “make their own medicines.”

The CDC confirms: the risk of Covid-19 infection through contact with contaminated surfaces or objects (fomites) is generally considered to be low.” Focus instead on masking, distancing, and ventilation. (And vaccinations!)

Biden takes executive action on gun reform. (Let’s keep pushing the Senate to do more.)

What people think trans issues are, and what trans issues really are.

A 3,000-year-old lost city has been discovered!

Justine Bateman on aging.

Another drink-temp-related gift idea for those parental holidays approaching: Cold brew!

Pandemic Walks (Also, the pressure your short afternoon walk is feeling.)

Just started the You’re Wrong About on the OJ Simpson trial and binged the first three episodes.

I’ve been looking for a large, poster-size print of this iconic image of Faye Dunaway from legendary photographer Terry O’Neil for my office. Do I settle for a t-shirt?

Sephora is having its Beauty Insider sale. I’d reach for the Drunk Elephant and Dr. Gross.

Documentaries I would like to watch.

We’ve been looking at replacing some of the plates in our home, and I’ve been revisiting this post.

[Photo from this yard design inspo post]

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