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I came across a holiday card from Paper Culture where a 2021 timeline is shown to reflect how the months felt—fast or slow—with the last six months especially drawn out. It’s funny, I think the perspective would be flipped for me. Time is racing by right now. How is it for you?

I can’t believe my last post was around Halloween! Thanksgiving is next week and then I know the next six weeks will feel like six days. I’m trying to remind myself to slow down, appreciate these special holi-days, but sometimes it’s hard. There’s a lot of magic to make, so to speak, and even if I always feel like it’s completely worth it and lots of fun in retrospect, I’m feeling a little tired right now. Does that sound too bah humbug? Hopefully this coming Thanksgiving break will be the ease into the season I need.

I’ve gotten a few emails about making a new gift guide and I’m going to try to get one up over the weekend, but I tend to get obsessed with making them just perfect to the point that they take me forever!! Just in case, please check out these archived gift guides. Most of the links still work or will at least lead you to a good idea. Honestly, I return to them over and over myself for ideas.  I’ve also added more items to the Shop widget.

As to what’s been going on since I last hopped on here… a lot! Halloween came and went and I had so much fun sharing Aron’s and my costume. The kids wrapped up fall sports seasons—it was the first time Skyler did a team sport (soccer) and Hudson played both baseball and soccer. We celebrated Aron’s birthday with a family trip to Apple Hill and a date day for the two of us in the bay. Skyler got braces on her front four teeth (cute!) and both kids got their first Covid vaccines. And we joined friends for a week on Maui! I sort of can’t believe we were just there.

What will you be planning for Thanksgiving this year? And will you be getting your holiday shopping done early?

Have a great weekend! Some links of note… 

How Will We Live if Covid Is Here to Stay? “Optimism could serve as ‘one of the biggest obstacles’ to making those plans…If we think Covid-19 is going away, then we will drop our guard and not make essential investments now.”

NPR’s overview of answers to common questions about the vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds.

In this short video, whale scientist Nan Hauser tells the story about how a humpback whale she was swimming with saved her from what she calls “the largest tiger shark I’ve ever seen” and talks about whales and altruistic behavior. It’s the most incredible story! A wonderful watch.

Everything is Fine is a series for women on life over 40. I’ve been going through the archives of this podcast and really enjoying it.

Everyone raves about this robe. I love the new color.

Work Schedule.

While you’re looking to support PBS this year, pop into their shop. I love their ornament selection—like these characters made in Kyrgyzstan by a women-run co-op.

Perfecting the NYC street.

100 Things We’ve Lost to the Internet

How to Talk to Kids about Thanksgiving

Speaking of gift guide archives. Wow!!! (She’s always got great finds—like white chocolate brussel sprouts!)

Mindbending Lego Structure

Watching Succession, season two and can’t decide whether it’s incredible or detestable. Who do I route for?! Any good TV recs of late? I CANNOT WAIT for season two of The Great, out today!

Where are you most excited to travel again? Someone asked me the other day and one of the first places that came to mind was Mexico City. I really loved that trip.

[Photo from the Stockholm travelogue]





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