April Showers (& Friday Links)

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I can’t bring myself to watch Bambi again. It’s too sad. But every time it rains, I hum that song and try to recall the pretty lyrics to sing for the kids whose mom has kept Thumper and Flower from them all these years…

Drip, drip, drop /Little April shower / Beating a tune / As you fall all around
Drip, drip, drop / Little April shower / What can compare / To your beautiful sound
Beautiful sound / Beautiful sound /Drip, drop, drip, drop 
Drip, drip, drop / When the sky is cloudy / Your pretty music / Will brighten the day…

Do you have any children’s movies like this, that you haven’t brought yourself to watch again? Or ones that love to let make you cry? Old Yeller or Dumbo, perhaps?

Hope some pretty music brightens your day today! Some links of note… 

This blush raincoat could brighten my day.

Aron swears by Chacos as the best sport sandals (and I know many devotees). I’m tempted by these new monochrome colors—including a neutral tan!

To-do list sticky notes for the all the fridge doors that no longer work with magnets.

Elizabeth Holmes (!) asked me to name a travel splurge I think is worthwhile, and they quoted me in The New York Times Travel Section!

Just FYI, my other answer was to sign up for a private (at your own pace) cultural tour when traveling with kids—like the market tour we took in Mexico City, this temple tour we took in Bangkok, or this history tour we took in Rome!

Also, I shared some highlights with Jenny Rosenstrach (!)  for a summer road trip in New Mexico on A Cup of Jo this week.

After that gorgeous citrus cake, Aron sent me this article on Insta-famous cakes.

Our bookclub met last night to discuss A Gentleman in Moscow, and chose this as next month’s read! Reviews say it holds the suspenseful appeal of true crime programs such as Serial, while being a well-researched account of Native American and Osage tribal history that ties in economics, law enforcement, and journalism. Have you read it?

Basically an omelette (right?) but I’m still inspired by this taco tortilla swap.


I’d like to try one of these. Has anyone tasted the Impossible Meat burger?

Congratulations to Lori Lightfoot who is both the first African-American woman and openly gay person elected mayor of Chicago!

Good timing to watch Knock the House Down, a documentary on four women insurgent candidates, when it comes out on Netflix on May 1st.

Late night shows on the Barr summary.

If you were on the edge of your seat watching Free Solo, like me, this You Tube clip for GQ was highly enjoyable.

Scheduled sending on gmail.

Finally, I convinced Aron to watch this video with a Game of Thrones spoiler and he was stewing at me for hours! Then I learned he didn’t watch the ending!!

P.S. There are a few hours left to enter the Robyn King giveaway—a piece of your choice from her new collection— and the odds are good!

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