Picnic Day! (& Friday Links)

It’s Picnic Day weekend at UC Davis, which means an open-house weekend for the campus (and beer-pong for lawns city-wide). We’ll be starting the day with the parade and then choosing between events like Doxie Derbie and Chemistry shows, between visiting beetles at the etymology department or bees at honey labs. Usually the fire department will land a helicopter at the campus station, and that’s always a favorite stop for the kids. We never make it to everything, but we do our best until it’s time to see the bands battle it out near the arboretum and to join friends for our own version of lawn party. Does anyone else attend? Any favorite stops?

Whatever your plans, have a great weekend! Here are some links of note…

Murfers! (Mom surfers) Where do I sign up?

So many ways to cook an egg.

A gorgeous new cookbook to inspire more vegetables at the table.

Came across this clip of Barack singing and I’m not sure how I ever missed this! (Man, I miss him.)

Why that photo of a black hole is so exciting.

And why the story of the photo “resonated in an industry in which women are underrepresented—and in a world in which their scientific contributions have historically gone unacknowledged.”

Unlikely friends. Awwwww.

Love this white-on-white look.

Two dresses for summer—all white, and all color!

Predictions: Things we do now that will be unthinkable in 50 years.

Olive Kitteridge fans, rejoice.

If: Beauty youtubers in the 90s. Roll-on glitter and zig zag parts, oh my.

Turn a backpack into a camera bag

More online barre videos (and a previous round-up of streaming workouts)

“Women candidates have fun hobbies too, they just don’t get to talk about them.”

So funny! The LA Times wrote about New York the way it thinks the NY Times talks about other cities for April Fool’s Day.

It took one massacre, one month ago in New Zealand to change the gun laws.

Can’t wait for this SNL reunion new movie.

The Guardian dubbed it “the literary phenomenon of the decade.” Big promise… looking forward to reading this!

Winter is FINALLY coming! Game of Thrones is back on Sunday!!! We’re almost done re-watching the last season. Here’s a reminder of the plot lines so far, if you need it.

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