Cinco de Mayo cocktails (& Friday Links)

Doing anything fun this weekend? Tonight we toast to a good friend on his birthday. Then, we are going to start working on the front yard project (eek!!). Hudson’s school is having its annual Fiesta, and—if everything is going well at the house—we’re planning to drive out to Sonoma for a pick-up picnic at Scribe.

We don’t have anything specifically adult planned for celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but I’m guessing we’ll fit in some cocktails…

Here are some last minute ideas if you’d like to raise a glass tomorrow:

Sangrita (to sip alongside tequilla)
Perfect grapefruit margaritas 
How to make micheladas (a great alternative to margaritas).

And some links to read, too…

Um, this is ammaaaaazing. Can you imagine? A camping trip in, say, Big Sur with this?

Also, Aron would love this.

Everything about the styling of this hotel is dreamy!

I love chilaquiles! Excited to try this soon.

Kate Middleton, holding newborn Prince Louis Arthur Charles, wore a dress that seemed to honor Princess Diana. But uh-oh.

Locals: Poppy and Oak (who makes gift boxes of local goods for delivery all over) puts together an awesome calendar of events happening nearby each month.

How cool to be the guy who always brings an ice-cream cake?

Dave Eggers has a new books for kids.

Has anyone tried these jeans? How do they compare with the Levi Wedgies?

What do you do with baby teeth? Throw them out or save them?

Taking a bold step! Hawaii to ban sunscreens that damage coral.

Aron always has interesting things to share after listening to Vox’s The Weeds podcast. This one blew me away: 40 minutes in (40:40 to be exact), when they talk about a paper on random desegregation in schools.

Would this get my kids to like tacos as much as they should?

Love this family tradition!

A flat-folding helmet. (via Swiss Miss)

We’re going to see David Sedaris on campus next week, and I’m considering using the occasion to gift myself this.

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