Get the Look: Spare, modern workspace & elegant office accessories

by Suzanne Fletcher

My official home office is in the corner of our living room, at an old (I’m not sure if it qualifies as antique) wooden table that came from my parents’ house. It’s where I write and pay bills. Or maybe I should say it’s where I should write and pay bills, because lately I find myself perched at the corner of our kitchen island instead, my laptop plugged in, and a notebook and pen next to me. I’m not entirely sure why I’ve migrated to the kitchen, but it may be because my living room office is missing something.

And so I went online to round up home-office items that I think are both useful and beautiful.

My vision is a spare, modern, elegant workspace that is not very “office-y” and can work almost anywhere in the house. It may help lure me back to my corner of the living room, and I hope it will help you, too, with wherever you sit down to work.


The venice studio wood table-desk is a good reminder that, like mine, a table can work as a desk, and a desk can be a table. I love the modern lines and mixed materials of this beauty from CB2.

For a more-affordable option, you might want to consider the Linnmon/Godvin table from IKEA (or mix and match whichever IKEA tabletop and bottom you choose). My son has this one in his room, and I like that it doesn’t take up much space visually but allows him to spread out when he’s doing homework. I’d happily have this table/desk anywhere in the house.


The Lenox Swivel Office Chair from West Elm and the Azalea Grey Mink Chair from CB2 are both great options for desk chairs. The Lenox is for you if you like to spin or slide (though it wouldn’t work well on a thicker rug), and the Azalea might be best if you sit for long stretches and need something especially comfortable.


There are so many good desk/table lamps out there now, it’s hard to narrow it down! Getting the light just right (not too much glare but bright enough to read comfortably) is most important, but the exceptional good looks of all these lamps doesn’t hurt, either.

Pictured above: Etsy’s modern marble table lamp from RevealHome; Leanne Ford’s new Metal Dome Task Table Lamp for Target; the Hector Table Lamp from Design Within Reach; and the pretty Winding Course Table Lamp from Anthropologie.


I’ve known for years that I need a bookend (or two!) on my desk but for some reason have never bitten the bullet. Now’s my time. The Solid Brass Bookend from Spartan Shop is so pretty, and I also like this Crystal Glass Bookend, another good find from CB2. [Editor’s note: all of the CB2 office accessories collections are so good!]


McGee & Co. has beautiful storage options, good for hiding anything that’s better off hidden, including checkbooks, paperclips, calculators, etc., etc. I particularly like the the Rectangle Stripe Box, the Gray Footed Bowl, and the Round Stainless Steel Tins, all pictured above.


I’m a big Russel + Hazel fan when it comes to anything office-related. Anthropologie has a great Russel + Hazel collection, including the Acrylic Bloc Collection Desk Storage. Another good option is CB2’s Solid Brass Studio Storage Box Set, which also appears above with the crystal bookends.

I have these brass scissors from Hay Design on my desk, and I’m always hesitant to let anyone (i.e. my children) borrow them, because I think of them as my fancy scissors. I also like this Blackwing Pencil Set (you can replace the erasers), both from Need Supply Co.

I’m willing to pay a little more for a notebook that’s lovely to look at, like the Leather & Brass Disc Bound Notebook (pictured above) from Spartan Shop. And if I were curating my perfect workspace, I’d put this White Oak Bookstand on the floor next to my desk to hold my favorite design books.

And last but not least, tape! Tape is one of the most sought-after items (second only to scissors) in my family. Why not put it in something display-worthy like the Solid Brass Studio Large Tape Dispenser?

What about you? What do you have in your home office that you love to look at and just so happens to be useful as well?

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A former newspaper reporter and editor, Suzanne Fletcher writes about all things home and design-related. She lives near Boston with her family, including three teenagers and a Golden Retriever named Clementine.

[Top Photo via CB2, featuring this red neon heart and sphere desk lamp]

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