Our Home Office (and Friday Links)



Thank you again for letting me share our home tour this past week! It’s been a lot of fun and, as usual, you have all been so generous and kind.

This is the last of it—our office. I spend quite a bit of time in this room, so we just had a skylight added to get more of that uplifting natural light! I was amazed, actually, at how straightforward it was. It’s just as you might imagine: you simply have a giant hole cut into the ceiling and someone puts in a window. Best decision! There are actually lots of skylights in the house—there’s even one in the laundry room—so I thought it only seemed fair…

I’ve shared some details about this room already. You might recall this Ikea Chair Hack and this Ikea Bookshelf Hack?

Here are some links for your weekend… 

Interesting grammatical dilemma. What’s your gut on this?

Bots for friends. Does this surprise you? It did me.

Did you tag a photo of Italy? I got some amazing suggestions! Can’t wait to cull them all together.

Two women flying for the first time.

Thoughts on gender-neutral colors.

However, I’m actually looking for a pair of peachy/pink sunglasses just like the ones I’m wearing at the bottom of this post (but not so cheaply made) that I can put prescription sunglass lenses in. I’m basically looking for the opaque version of these cute  Ice Pop Wayfarer Sunglasses

. If you’ve seen any…

A New York Times essay on busy-ness as a parental choice: “I Refuse to Be Busy.” Interesting. I definitely feel busy right now—not for lack of choice, most of the time—but I also can admit to feeling frustration with that as a knee-jerk response in casual conversation. Sometimes I get the impression there’s some one-upmanship when it comes to who is busiest. What do you think?




Have a great weekend!

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