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The kumquats are nearly ripe in the backyard, the posters are starting to show up for the Almond Blossom festival, and my kids are asking about April Fool’s Day? Meanwhile, January marches on for twice-the-time as December. Is anyone else feeling the incongruity? I just came back from a weekend in Southern California and tonight we’re heading back into the—that might have something to do with my confusion.

I feel like this cake is the most lovely emblem of this all: it looks like spring, but features the citrus of winter. Find the recipe here. 

And now, some links… 

Who will stop the madness? Anyone? Any one?

The Trump administration removed millions of miles of streams and roughly half the country’s wetlands from federal protection. It’s the largest rollback of the Clean Water Act since the modern law was passed in 1972. Who was asking for this?

What is coronavirus?

New York‘s 20 top-read stories of 2019.

The hand-love story heard ’round the world?

Free Audiobooks.

The Life Kit podcast has been recommended to me a lot. Going to bookmark.

Understanding the criticism of American Dirt.

American Dirt Author Jeanine Cummins responds.

Do you know who wrote that feel-good-tweet? Look again.

And a look at how Putin governs.

Remembering Jim Leher.

“You, as a physical person as well as a brain, deserve fuller consideration than just your body weight.”

Topshop has a SNO line that’s very Goop/Perfect Moment. I’m into it!

Speaking of Topshop, this dress would look great with a bulky cardi sweater now—and without into spring.

How many times can I watch this? (via SwissMiss)

Jen Gotch’s book is available for pre-order.

Excuse me while I go buy a box of chickpea pasta.

Check out the cake at 2m25sec. Wow!

Has anyone made a Dinner-party resolution?

An old clip, but gets me every time: International Les Mis. (I’ve got Broadway on my mind after seeing Dear Evan Hansen last night.)

Valentine’s & love-themed books for kids.

Do you have any links to share? Please do! 

P.S. Also this week: Working on the go (digital nomads) and a travel tip.


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