What’s your best Karaoke Song?

Confession: Being one of those people who absolutely kill it at karaoke would be one of my most desired talents. It’s so fun to watch someone really go for it—I wish I had the stage-confidence to do the same. When asked, I usually pass the mic.

That’s not to say I haven’t imagined my best songs.

“Me & Bobby McGee” is my go-to if ever asked to sing, and I really love singing along to “Common People” by Pulp (but not enough people know that one and it’s loooong). So I actually surprised myself a week back when, at a Karaoke Bar in Palm Springs, I suggested Aron and I get up and sing “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

In spite of being a six-minutes long, it’s a pretty great one because everyone else sings (and head bangs) along! I can’t decide if I’m sad or glad that there’s no proof it ever happened!

So now I’m really interested—what are the best karaoke songs? Any go-tos? 

My favorite that someone else chose might have been “Gloria,” by Laura Branigan. It’s easy to sing along with, dance to, and had a popular resurgence with the movie Gloria Bell a few years back. “Sweet Child of Mine” and CeeLo Green’s “F**k You” were also memorable. And Aron and I still talk about the time a friend surprised all of us with his rendition of “Cabaret.”

P.S. The Music of Speech. Also, my birthday music query.


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