Infants can Float (& Friday links)



You may have seen the slideshow of swimming babies on the New York Times Magazine site already. I know I immediately called Aron over to look, because underwater photos of babies are always amazing.

But the story of infants taking survival swim classes, and this video sort of blew my mind. (And sort of terrified me.)

What are you up to this weekend? I’m hoping to get some swimming in and will definitely be thinking about this!
Here are a few other things worth a further look…

How to get your nail polish off your rug. Or your shirt. Or your phone.
Behind the scenes of the coolest (get it?) summer infographic.
Inspiration from the most fashionable grandpas. (Sorry, dad.)
How to actually wear a fanny pack.
And, then, a fancy fanny pack to choose: this one or this one.
An interesting alternative to traditional summer camp: cooking camps for kids.
A truly Californian cookie: chocolate chip with avocado.
rainbow mountain range in China, straight out of Dr. Seuss.
Wise words from Amy Poehler.
Beautiful photo essay on children and their nannies, in New York City.
I love this: Literary city guides.
[Image by Seth Casteel for The New York Times. Video via Kottke.]

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